• I am currently logged-in to stackoverflow.com
  • I am not logged-in to data.stackexchange.com
  • I try to login using my Stack Overflow session and I get the error message "StackApps authentication failed".

enter image description here

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    Already reported on Meta Stack Exchange: Can't login to SEDE - "StackApps authentication failed" Commented Aug 2, 2022 at 22:35
  • @RobertLongson Thanks - I tried looking for that but I didn't get any relevant search results.
    – Dai
    Commented Aug 2, 2022 at 22:37
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    For folks who may be following, this works now. Commented Aug 25, 2022 at 12:06
  • As the comments indicate, this seems to no longer be an issue. In case it re-occurs, feel free to retag with status-review.
    – JNat StaffMod
    Commented Sep 12, 2022 at 9:51


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