I noticed that currently there is no way of searching a post that has been voted to be closed or deleted by me and that contains a certain keyword say "this" or certain code this without using a SEDE query.

I mean, I want to search by typing in the search bar something like:

user:me is:question          "this"
                    ^^^^^^^---------->what should come in this blank space

In the above query I have left some space indicating what should come there something like votes:Closure or votes:Deletion.

That is, I want to search for a post that I say, closed or deleted and that contains a specific keyword.

Basically, I noticed that under the Votes section there are many options like Upvote, DownVote, Closure, Deletion, Undeletion, Reopen and I want to be able to search for these posts that have certain keyword using the search bar at the top of the window and not with a SEDE query. Again it might look something like:

user:me is:question  Votes:"Closure"    "this"
                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^----------> i added this option here

user:me is:question Votes:"Reopened" "this"

user:me is:question Votes:"Deletion" "this"

One reason when it might be beneficial is that many times when I see a new question asked by someone I realize that I closed or deleted a similar question some days ago. And then I usually go in my profile page and then in the Votes section and then in the Closure or Deletion tab and then I start searching for the one that fits this newly asked question. And if I find what I am looking for i find all the dupes that i used in that old question and then just close this new question with all those dupes. As you can see currently we've to do this manually. I want to do this using search bar.

Additionally, I think this feature that I am proposing is quite natural. I mean it already feels like we should have this because we already have Votes section that have different tabs like Closure, Deletion, etc. So we should have both (manually and automated using search bar) the options available.

  • Similar on Meta SE: Search a SO post that I closed with a certain keyword
    – Justin
    Aug 2 at 6:46
  • @Justin Yes, but this is without a SEDE query as that question already have an answer that shows with the use of SEDE query.
    – Jason Liam
    Aug 2 at 7:09
  • Maybe hasvote is better to keep in line with hascode, hasaccepted, and hasnotice? Aug 2 at 13:20
  • @HenryEcker You mean like hasvote:"Closure" instead of Votes:"Closure"?
    – Jason Liam
    Aug 2 at 13:23
  • Yeah for consistency with existing search features I think hasvote is more inline. I would also say use the UI names hasvote: "close" hasvote: "reopen" hasvote:"delete" etc. Maybe also support the vote ids like hasvote: 10 (for delete)? Aug 2 at 13:31
  • @HenryEcker Yes, both hasvote:"close" and hasvote:"Closure" instead of Votes:"Closure" are fine.
    – Jason Liam
    Aug 2 at 16:39


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