Since I have already posted a few questions on this platform, sometimes I need to have more information from someone who answered. I am trying to reach the person by writing "Hi @name, ..."

Since I never received any answer to my comments, I am wondering, if it is working at all. Is there anything else, which can be done wrong here?

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    If someone chooses to reply to, or further engage, a comment is up to them. The user, also, may not have returned to the question, or even the site. The users here are volunteers, and we are under no obligation to respond to further comments.
    – Larnu
    Aug 1 at 12:41
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    How do comment @replies work?
    – Ivar
    Aug 1 at 12:41
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    Also, if you don't get a response to your question, that doesn't make it "ok" to repost your question. If you truly want to bring more attention to your question, then put a bounty on it.
    – Larnu
    Aug 1 at 12:44
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    Also questions aren’t ‘tickets’ as SO aims to be something vaguely similar to Wikipedia, with lots of high quality questions and answers, not a help desk.
    – user438383
    Aug 1 at 13:22
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    Please do not treat Stack Overflow like a ticketing system. Do not include "thanks", "can you please help" or anything else like that in your questions. Do not include the tag in the question title. Do not include any other personal information that isn't relevant to the topic.
    – Dharman Mod
    Aug 1 at 13:25
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    You are going to be told a lot of things in comments here. The main theme is going to be that Stack Overflow has a bit of a manual attached to it, you need to do a lot of reading before you will understand how to not only do things correctly, but also how to interpret things correctly. Hopefully you will now realise that meta.stackoverflow.com exists, it makes for some good reading that helps a lot with the interpretation part.
    – Gimby
    Aug 1 at 15:40


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