Google no longer calls their logging product Stackdriver. already has 500+ questions and is consistent with other Google Cloud Platform tags, e.g. , , , etc.

Tags to synonymize: , , .

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    Oh, whoa. Are synonym requests not allowed or off-topic? Or was more info needed? Or is there an argument for keeping the stackdriver tag to refer to older posts when their product did have that name. Some feedback would be nice! Jul 30 at 10:58
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    What details or clarity does it need? Is there a template to be followed for such requests (not a rhetorical question)? Jul 30 at 20:39
  • @PeterMortensen no, there does not exist a formal process for anything except for burnination. We've been trying to streamline tag-related processes lately, though - suggestions and help are welcome :) Current coordination chat room for all things tags: Burnination HQ Jul 30 at 22:12


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