This is just a minor nitpick but React has "function components", not functional components.

Can we please rename this tag to ?

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    Calling them functional components is common enough (whether or not it is the correct term) that I think a synonym would make sense in addition to the merge (rename). The tag wiki and excerpt were already corrected some time ago, but the tag name stayed in place. Jul 29 at 5:41
  • Should it also be made plural? cc @HenryEcker
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Jul 29 at 8:21
  • It would be more in line with the majority of our tags if it were plural. That said, if the tag becomes [react-function-components] then react-component should also be made plural ([react-components]) @CodyGray Jul 29 at 12:26
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    Confusing or not, isn't that the name they go by? From Functional Components vs Class Components in React: "There are mainly two components in React: Functional Components and Class Components ... Functional Components ... Sometimes referred to as “dumb” or “stateless” components as they simply accept data and display them in some form" How is it not functional? Due to side effects (not pure functional)? Jul 29 at 12:52
  • @PeterMortensen no, it isn't. I've linked to the actual React documentation
    – Phil
    Jul 29 at 22:10


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