I use a browser setup which does not persist cookies for domains that I don't whitelist. This isn't too uncommon of a setup, I use an addon called Temporary Container Tabs for Firefox with 14,000 users.

The problem is that every time I navigate to a Stack Exchange site this popup about some new feature obscures the answer I am trying to view. I keep having to dismiss the popup every time I visit Stack Exchange.

I would appreciate if this "new feature tour popup" did not exist. Generally Stack Exchange has been a site which avoids popups that show without user interaction. As generally this is considered to be an annoying pattern.

I do see the value of a "new feature tour" popup from a product perspective. But I also feel like currently it is diminishing the experience. I would love it if there could be some modification to the design. I see that there is already a small yellow indicator next to the new feature. Maybe the popup could only pop up if you click on that?

Screenshot of website tour popup

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    This also affects users who use multiple devices. Perhaps this setting (and maybe the sort order?) could be stored server-side.
    – Ryan M Mod
    Jul 21 at 2:54
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    There are billions of people on the planet, I would argue that 14000 is indeed not uncommon, it is in fact rarely used. This still gets my upvote because I simply fully agree with the statement I would appreciate if this "new feature tour popup" did not exist. Give me a "don't nag me" configuration option, please.
    – Gimby
    Jul 21 at 8:36


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