Let's say I post a question which gets to a score of 10 and is then awarded the "Nice Question" badge.

Then the same question goes on to receive a score of 25 — the previous 10 plus 15 more.
In this situation, how will badges be awarded? For the same question, do I have two badges, now, "Nice Question" (bronze) and "Good Question" (silver) or just "Good Question" as if it were upgraded from "Nice Question"?

Reference badges that Stack Overflow supports:

  • Nice Question (bronze): Question score of 10 or more
  • Good Question (silver): Question score of 25 or more
  • Great Question (gold): Question score of 100 or more
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    Badges? BADGES? Jul 5, 2022 at 21:44
  • Currently, the score for the question is 28 and you are received Nice Question (bronze) and Good Question (silver) badges. ie., For the same question, you can be awarded two badges.
    – Arulkumar
    Jul 7, 2022 at 10:39

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Once a badge is awarded, it can't be reverted.
So you will receive all three badges if the question gets to a total score of 100.

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    I think that badges are recalculated (and can be removed) when multiple accounts are merged.
    – dan1st
    Jul 5, 2022 at 21:11
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    Non-tag badges can be revoked in a few exceptional circumstances. Tag badges (badges awarded for contributions in a single tag) can be revoked if you no longer meet the requirements for that badge (for example, if you got downvoted, had an answer deleted etc). More info
    – Robotnik
    Jul 6, 2022 at 6:01

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