There is a bug in the "reputation" view of my profile :

  • in "today"'s posts, a ghost entry is displayed
    (note: reloading the page with Ctrl+R at the moment of the screenshot did not make that ghost line disappear, but I now no longer see it. fwiw : I think it appeared when I clicked on the "reputation" link at a time when there was a badge announcing that I had gained some since my last viewing)
  • there is a possible rendering issue when the title gets too long

the "0" scored entry is "yesterday"'s posts also looks suspicious.

bug in reputation view


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The "ghost items" issue seems to have been fixed.

For the alignment part on long question titles, however, the issue is still present.

Testing in my browser (Firefox 102 on linux), it looks like setting a max-width by hand on the div that encloses the question title can fix things, and is probably portable to most of the supported navigators :

screen capture of GUI with a manual tweak

One other option could be to use a display: grid container rather than a display: flex (again: I don't know what browser support you have in mind).

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