I am aware that the jobs feature has been removed as of April 2022, but I would like to clarify if we would still be able to access the companies listed in the relevant section for the long run.

If so, I'd like to know how can I create a page for my company and add details + team members?

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    Considering that that page had over 1,400 companies listed on it a year ago and now only 136, I suspect that the feature is likely going the same way as jobs.
    – Larnu
    Jun 14 at 11:28
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    Contact their talent department (stackoverflow.co/talent/contact). Obligatory note that it's a paid service (AFAIK) Jun 14 at 11:42
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    ... And only the "Best Companies (Hiring Developers)" get listed...!
    – chivracq
    Jun 14 at 12:01
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    aka the ones with the deepest pockets
    – Kevin B
    Jun 14 at 14:27
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    But what is best? I know Conan has a solid answer, but it doesn't apply to software very often. Jun 14 at 17:39
  • @user4581301 hm, maybe if you consider bugs and performance problems to be your enemies... It kind of works.
    – Gimby
    Jun 15 at 14:40
  • @Larnu 135 now :') Jun 15 at 17:42


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