I recently came across three answers that were posted around the same time (all of them read 23 hours ago right now) for a question that was asked on Feb 14 at 1:26.

They are almost the same answer with very minor differences. In fact, (the more recent) two probably should be comments to the oldest one. But I can't see which one was posted first. I can see the precise time of the older answers: answered Feb 14 at 1:30, etc. How do we see the exact time of recent posts?


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You can see the exact time of any post by hovering over the time, whether it is currently being displayed with relative time or not.

In this example, hovering over "23 hours ago" will reveal the exact UTC timestamp which was "2022-06-11 03:55:02Z"

Usercard with post time display of "23 hours ago" reveals timestamp "2022-06-11 03:55:02Z"

Again this works even if it is not showing a relative time. Hovering over "Feb 14 at 1:30" will reveal "2022-02-14 01:30:20Z":

Usercard with post time display of "Feb 14 at 1:30" with tooltip "2022-02-14 01:30:20Z"


Another alternative is to go to the timeline view of the question and select "toggle format" in the header of the left-most column:

enter image description here

This makes it easier to see the exact timestamps of all the answers in one place.

This is also a good alternative since hovering to see timestamps is not possible on mobile.

Although, if you just want to see who posted first, the events in the timeline view are sorted from newest to oldest, so you can easily see who posted their answer first without looking at the exact timestamps.

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    Too bad that figuring out how to get the exact timestamps in the timeline requires either being psychic or having Meta knowledge (and even then, I definitely forgot). Also, tooltips don't work on screen readers either (as far as I can figure out).
    – Laurel
    Commented Jun 12, 2022 at 4:47

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