It's common for questions tagged to have answers containing HTML code snippets, but it seems like they often aren't being highlighted properly.

For example, in Restart animation in CSS3: any better way than removing the element?, the first tag is consistently highlighted wrong:
screenshot of highlighted code
It's trying to highlight it as JavaScript, then switching to XML highlighting after a few lines:
screenshot of html inspector

I assume it detects the language based on the question's tags, so perhaps HTML should be prioritized on questions tagged , , etc. (and vice versa)?

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    Unfortunately when there are tags with different default highlighting the system lets highlight.js choose. There's nothing to stop it from choosing any supported language (not just the ones associated with the question tags). For example this answer also on a question tagged [html] [javascript] is syntax highlighted with lang-typescript and lang-ruby. There's a feature request on MSE Stop guessing/auto-detecting a language when you KNOW it will be incorrect Jun 7 at 2:00
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    From the canonical here on MSO: "If two or more tags on the question have different syntax highlighting languages defined, it uses a default list and lets highlight.js infer what's the best language to use." Jun 7 at 2:03
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    The only way to fix this is to edit any post that doesn't have correct code highlight so that it uses code fences with a language specified, like I just did for most of the answers there. (Given the state of the suggested edit queue, I don't think I would recommend making edits that only do that if you have <2k rep.) Note: For HTML with embedded CSS and JS, the best bet is still to hint HTML.
    – Laurel
    Jun 7 at 2:26


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