I asked the question: Is null pointer a valid iterator? The answer depends on another question: Subtraction of two nullptr values guaranteed to be zero? The first question was closed as duplicating the second question.

The questions are really related but they are still different. Moreover, the second question doesn't answer the first. If subtracting null pointers is not valid, then it means that null pointer is not a valid iterator. But if subtracting null pointers is valid, then it doesn't mean that null pointer is a valid iterator because there might be other reasons why null pointer can't be a valid iterator. The second question is necessity but not sufficiency.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with providing me the link to the second question. I don't see any other reasons, why nullptr can't valid iterator. But what about other users? They will google the question "Is null pointer a valid iterator?" but won't find it because duplicate questions seems to be not searchable by search engines. I think duplicate questions are important. I described my experience here.

  • Refer to question a and no I'd it asks for a new topic or would like to find an answer for a part of questions . But that would likely mean questiona is too broad
    – nbk
    2 days ago
  • std::iterator contains a pointer, therefore nullptr can never be an iterator. 2 days ago
  • Side note: you may want to re-read guidance on editing posts - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270775/…. yesterday
  • "The questions are really related but they are still different" - irrelevant. Duplicate closure is done when an answer already exists elsewhere, the same answer can work for any number of questions. If you want to argue a duplicate closure is not valid, reason from the answers.
    – Gimby
  • @Gimby, unfortunately the answer from the "original" question doesn't work for my question. It just helps a little.
    – anton_rh
  • 1
    @anton_rh My point is to not talk about the question, that is a red herring and will immediately trigger people to treat your case as someone who doesn't understand how duplicates work. Stick to a format of "This answer does not work because...", "this answer does not work because..." and you may have a better experience seeing duplicate questions reopened. It'd be tiresome if you had to bring each instance to meta, because this will happen again.
    – Gimby


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