One of the powerful features of R is the skilled use of assignment and extraction operators: "[<-", "[[<-", "[", "[[". The term I use for tagging questions is "indexing". There are also specialized operators built with non-alphabetic characters, for example: "%in%". Searching for questions or answers might be improved by allowing the double quotes to be included in the searched-for string. But as far as I can determine, there's no capacity to search on questions that focus on the specific issues involving these operators because they are just "punctuation" in natural (English) language. The search for the operator "%in%" finds any instance of the two-letter string in. And the search for [r] "[<-" says it couldn't find anything.

I suspect this issue affects users of other languages, MATLAB being the most similar to R in this respect, but I know Python has operators for construction of lists and other data objects. I've tried searching for on this topic and found little, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong or pointed to documentation that I have not yet been able to find it.

Please do note that after Martijn Pieters' comments, I tried using [r] code:"[<-" (with exactly 0 results and [r] code:[<- (with over 1M results and equally useless).



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