This answer is not a duplicate, no other answer even mentioned the newly added no_store method. The only place the text "no_store" occurs is in my answer.

It was deleted by Jean-François Fabre. I can only assume it was a mistake as I see some other clean up on that question which is legitimate, i.e., using answers to make comments.

How do I go about fixing this as I see no way to message Jean-François?

It also seem odd that a single person can delete an answer without it being verified by at least one other person.

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    I've found at least 2 copies of your answer: 1, 2. As the comment from the mod says: "Please don't post identical answers to multiple questions. Instead, tailor the answer to the question asked. If the questions are exact duplicates of each other, please vote/flag to close instead." If you want to post that answer, post it once. If other questions ask the same thing vote/flag them as duplicates or tailor your answer.
    – Larnu
    May 4 at 14:18
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    I think you misunderstood the comment. The mod stated that you should not copy-paste the same answer to different questions. Not that the question already has a duplicate answer.
    – BDL
    May 4 at 14:18
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    "How do I go about fixing this" Edit your answers to tailor for the question asked. Then raise custom mod flags to ask for undeletion, explaining you have addressed the problem with the answer.
    – Larnu
    May 4 at 14:21
  • "It also seem odd that a single person can delete an answer without it being verified by at least one other person." Not really; that is the point of moderators. This isn't a unique philosophy to Stack Overflow.
    – Larnu
    May 4 at 14:22
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    3rd copy of your answer which is not deleted: 3 So the mod, in my opinion, did exactly what they said; you have 3 identical copies of your answer, and they deleted 2 of them and left a comment on 1 explaining why.
    – Larnu
    May 4 at 14:29
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    Just because it isn't a duplicate of an answer on those questions doesn't mean it isn't a general dupe. As already reiterated, posting the same answer to multiple question isn't okay either. The deletion was correct. Stack doesn't have a concept of direct messages; for actions involving mods, you can typically raise a mod flag and ask why, or ask here on meta, as you've already done. You can also create a chatroom with them, but both the other options are arguably better in my biased opinion May 4 at 14:39
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    @EJoshuaS-StandwithUkraine Um, no? This is about answers, not questions. There's probably a dupe somewhere, but that ain't it. May 4 at 15:31
  • I did misunderstand the comment, and was looking at that one question in isolation. But the questions are different (same subject, but not dups - subjective of course), so it seemed legit.
    – Kris
    May 10 at 9:38
  • "Edit your answers to tailor for the question asked." - I would only be editing them so they where not identical in phrasing/grammer, they would fundermentally be the same, just worded differently, which is hard given how short the answer is :)
    – Kris
    May 10 at 9:39


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