I have noticed that my reputation points have decreased but I haven't seen any negative indicator in my profile. I have got -10 three times.

Below is the progress report and there is no negative indicator.
My current reputation points are 1802. It should have been around 1840.

Can anyone please guide me whats happening behind the scene.

enter image description here

After checking the Show Removed Posts checkbox as Nick mentioned.

enter image description here

But the posts shown are not related to my questions or answers. All entries in -14 are not related to me.

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    Have you checked the "Show removed posts" checkbox at the bottom of the list? May 1 at 3:30
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    A -10 instead of -2 indicates the removal of an upvote someplace. If Nick's suggestion doesn't reveal the issue then you might have to wait a bit for the system to tell you that a user has been removed or something similar.
    – BSMP
    May 1 at 3:34
  • Thanks Nick. But the posts shown are not related to me. Why I got -14 then.. May 1 at 4:03
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    @MuhammadTariq those look like removals of posts on where you made approved suggested edits (-2 for each). That said, I am not sure why the events are not displayed. May 1 at 4:04
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    It looks like you had suggested edits approved on posts that are now deleted (i.e. rep gained on deleted posts), and as such you've lost the rep associated from those approved edits. Do you lose your +2 edit rep if the edited post is subsequently deleted? / Lost reputation on an edited question that was deleted May 1 at 4:05
  • Ohhh. Yeah, these can be my edits. May 1 at 4:07
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    I can confirm this is the case. For example, here are 3 suggested edits on the posts listed in your reputation change that were approved but now the post has been deleted by Community 1, 2, 3. This mechanism is included in the answer to the canonical Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history? under "You lose reputation when" May 1 at 4:20
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    Thanks @HenryEcker for the explanation. My doubts have been clear now. May 1 at 4:25


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