I don't often review things, but decided to try out the first questions queue for fun. I got an audit which was bad for a few reasons:

  • I believe the audit was just incorrect altogether. The question is a bit lacking in detail (the version of black being used, the way linting is being run, etc.) and somewhat poorly formatted. I chose 'Share feedback' to leave a friendly comment asking for more details, which seems appropriate to me, but this causes the audit to be failed.
  • After failing the audit, it doesn't provide any details on what should have happened. It just says 'STOP! Look and Listen.', then tells you you weren't paying attention. It frankly comes off as a bit insulting given that there's not any actual guidance.


  • Finally, after having a bad audit, there's no clear way to dispute it or report it. After searching MSO, I saw a comment which said to make a post here with the disputed-review-audits tag, which is fine, but a bit cumbersome. It's surprising to me there's no clear way in the UI to flag when an audit seems incorrect or any instructions given on what to do.

Apologies if these things have been discussed before. I just found it all to be a surprisingly poor user experience, so I wanted to share feedback in case it can help lead to improvements in the future for others!