How should we tag questions that ask about printing the command before executing it? The answer would refer to something like: bash -x, psql --echo-all, etc., depending on the language.

I feel that there should be a tag for this, perhaps , or .


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    Have you considered that there should be a single canonical question about this, rather than a tag to group together questions that are all asking how to accomplish the same thing?
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Apr 23, 2022 at 7:19

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No. Don’t be ridiculous. This is not a thing that needs a tag. Nobody is an expert in “printing commands before they are executed”. Nobody wants to search for questions about “printing commands before they are executed”. Just tag with the language.

  • Are there experts in logging or printing? Yet there are tags for this. Have you considered this? Apr 23, 2022 at 2:41
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    I have considered it and rejected it as irrelevant.
    – nobody
    Apr 23, 2022 at 3:02
  • @TimurShtatland Have you considered why the burninate-request tag exists?
    – Gimby
    Apr 28, 2022 at 16:00
  • @Gimby Why is this relevant to the OP? Apr 28, 2022 at 16:01

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