On SO I can see few questions with the tag, but some of them are related to AWS-TVM, which is AWS Token Vending Machine. Other questions are related to software Apache TVM (https://tvm.apache.org/) which is deep learning model compiler. Community of Apache TVM suggest to ask questions on their forum (https://discuss.tvm.apache.org/), but I can see that few people didn't read this recommendation, and posted questions on SO.

  • Whether of not a community suggests that users post on their own site or not is irrelevant. Stack Overflow strives to be a community of knowledge, and that can be for anything that is on-topic for the site; regardless of if there are other communities or not.
    – Larnu
    Apr 21 at 10:55
  • 2
    Also, there is already a [apache-tvm] tag. Seems like that [tvm] just need disambiguating.
    – Larnu
    Apr 21 at 10:56


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