In reference to trending sort, how do these answers implement the sort algorithm? Since both answers are from the same day, it seems unlikely that the "You can split..." answer (currently 1 upvote) to be sorted above the "With IFS="anyWithespaceCharacter" read there is..." answer (currently 6 upvotes), which is how they are sorted now...

I guess this sorting is possible if one of the "stronger" decay functions are being used...is there a way to see which decay function is being applied? How should we provide feedback that this particular decay value is too aggressive?

enter image description here

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    For these answers, the last upvote on the 1 scoring answer was on Feb 11 2022, the last upvote on the 6 scoring answer was Nov 11 2021 and 4/6 votes are from the day it was posted Mar 4 2021 (over a year ago). Which is why there is such a disparity. There have been a few requests for more transparency of the algorithm (here and here). The extreme effect this algorithm has also been noted here with several example questions listed.
    – Henry Ecker Mod
    Apr 21, 2022 at 0:43


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