The consensus from Raisin awareness: need to squash [grape], which jams together unrelated flavors: Groovy and Ruby appears to be that the existing tag be split into and . Additionally, the tag should be made a synonym of , as it is another tag referring to the same thing.

This answer suggested approaching this by manually retagging the Groovy questions as , and then having a moderator rename the remaining 367 questions to .

If we are going with the two tag idea, the cleanest way to tackle it would be to manually retag the 73 [groovy] + [grape] questions to first. (Also note that if you see any post that needs attention, like editing or closure, do make sure that you do so before replacing the tag)

After this, a moderator can rename the tag from to . In this way, we would not be bumping all the 400+ questions that are tagged with .

We would also need to go through the 32 Questions [grape] -[ruby] -[ruby-on-rails] -[grape-api] -[groovy] is:q (you can narrow this down too!) manually and attach one of the required tags.

I have gone through all the Groovy and non-Ruby Grape tags, and retagged the appropriate ones as . Therefore, the tag should now consist solely of Ruby Grape tags.

I therefore request that a moderator please rename the tag to . Additionally, the existing tag should be made a synonym of the new tag.


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