I have a small number of questions on issues I have encountered while working with the Idris language, specifically trying to utilize it as a theorem proving language, and I am tempted to ask my question in the new proof assistant SE site. Idris, however, is explicitly designed as a general purpose programming language rather than a proof assistant, and most of my questions are essentially of "Why won't this thing typecheck?" form or confusion over Idris type system, similar to many questions you would see for Haskell, and it feels more appropriate to ask on SO. I would imagine this same question would apply to other similar languages as well as the rare case when theorem proving is done in Haskell with its hurdles.

Where would these questions be more appropriate?


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It depends on the specific task you are stuck on. If you know the abstract solution, but not how to implement it, or to make sure that the implementation follows the model, then asking it on SO is fine. After all, what you are doing is unique to software development. If you need help with your abstract/conceptual model, then asking somewhere else may be more appropriate.

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