On a collective page (e.g.: Google Cloud), there are two question lists with the same ID.

The DOM view in the developer tools shows two adjacent <div>s with id="question".

This makes it difficult to select the second question list containing the questions using a userscript, since getElementById / querySelector returns the first element with that ID.

FWIW, I’m developing a new userscript to display more information about questions for frontpage / question lists: QuestionListsHelper, and came across this issue.

  • Shows you mini image and code previews, post text length count, and how many favourited.
  • Comment previews on hover.

Example screenshot of the points above.

  • Shows who hammered or which mod closed the question.

Example screenshot of the points above.

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    Thanks for pointing this out! We will fix this and add an answer to this question when it's fixed :).
    – JD-Stack
    Commented Mar 3, 2022 at 15:29

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Thank you for pointing this out. This request has been implemented and there is now only one element with the questions ID.

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