Disclaimer: I am no expert of that language, simply encountered this tag duplication and bringing it up.

is the deprecated name for Nim, a statically typed, imperative programming language [...]

emphasis and tag link mine

This is the wiki for the nimrod tag which currently has 31 questions.

On the other hand, has 508 questions and states:

Nim (formerly known as "Nimrod") is a statically typed, imperative programming language [...]

Interestingly, 28 out of the 31 questions tagged nimrod are also tagged nim-lang (so removing the tag doesn't change much).

From the 3 questions solely tagged nimrod, two of them mention Nim in the title and/or body, and there is only one which is a bit old and seems to actually be about Nimrod. Assuming no new questions will be made with Nimrod (as that's no longer the name), I think it is pointless to keep it for one question (with no answers) and this question can just get nim-lang instead.

My suggestion is to make nimrod a synonym of (and merge it into) nim-lang as they basically mean the same thing. That would seem better than simply removing the tag and retagging the questions, as it will preserve the connection between the names in the tag page.



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