So, SDL is Simple DirectMedia Layer. I won't bother explaining when the Wikipedia guys have already done the hard work.

The idea of , and is:

: General SDL. No specific version. : For SDL 1.2. : For SDL 2.

It seems right except SDL 1.2 is deprecated and SDL 2 is mostly incompatible with SDL 1.2. The weirder problem is that SDL 1 stuff and SDL 2 stuff are seen as completely different things. This is similar to Python 2.7 and Python 3, but not the same. There are many SDL 2 questions tagged with but not with . And other questions are tagged with but not with . This is pretty weird.

First question

I need some clarification about how an SDL question should be tagged. Is it enough to tag or is the version tag or also necessary? Or is only the version tag enough? implies SDL 2 if no version tag is present because SDL 1.2 is deprecated.

Second question

So, how is it different from Python? Python 4 is nowhere near, but SDL 3 is kind of planned. There's a "placeholder" milestone with a single issue (a feature request) at Milestones - libsdl-org/SDL. Uh... what does this imply? What will happen to questions which are only tagged with which are about ? SDL 2 will be deprecated and then will start to mean SDL 3 and then all those SDL 2 questions will be mistagged.

I think the solution is to make it explicitly clear that will not imply that it's specifically SDL 2 even though SDL 1.2 is deprecated.

However, SDL 3 is nowhere near the horizon. Am I just too prudent for Stack Overflow standards?

  • How about the other way: remove version specific tags and leave a generic one. Also, as someone that has dealt with SDL libraries, anything before 2.x is basically worthless, since anything that would need SDL, supports version 2 and vendors kinda solved the upgrade path by releasing a compat library. (Heck, on Debian no package depends on it)
    – Braiam
    Jan 29 at 14:55
  • @Braiam You're right. We don't need SDL1.2. People have been given enough time to update their code. Jan 29 at 15:00
  • Except for that one guy working in a government-funded cube farm that is not allowed to upgrade to 2 and needs to look up SDL 1.2 answers. Speaking as someone who frequently gets called in to support ancient projects built on fragile frameworks built on standards-before-they-were-standards, please consider those poor bastards before updating the tag system. It will take you literally one more keystroke to type [sdl2] instead of [sdl]. Jan 31 at 23:05
  • @HereticMonkey So better "deprecate" the tag [sdl] and tell people to only use [sdl-1.2] and [sdl-2]. Feb 1 at 3:52


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