TL;DR – On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, developer story, saved resumes, and the salary calculator.

Back in April 2021, Prashanth posted an update on the transformation of our company and he provided a high-level overview of the changes planned for our Talent business:

We are realigning the Talent business to focus more on customer employer branding and company awareness needs, and moving away from job slots and direct hiring. This will tie the product closer to what we offer through Stack Overflow Advertising [...]

Some of you wondered what practical changes this shift in strategy would bring about. In the months that followed, we realigned our internal teams and mapped out the plan to transform our Talent & Advertising businesses.


Before going into specific changes, I want to take a moment to talk about why we decided to transform these businesses and products. As we considered the next stage of growth for us as a company, we went back to product fundamentals and asked ourselves: how can we leverage our unique position to solve real, meaningful problems for our users and customers?

While Talent & Jobs helped us get to where we are over the past decade, the talent acquisition space is not one where we have a strong competitive advantage. Developers, as you all know, don’t have a hard time finding job opportunities. The problem is often finding the right opportunity and job boards and sourcing are ineffective solutions. The effort it would take us to truly differentiate in this space is not one we could justify.

Exiting this space allows us to refocus on products that build on our core strengths: knowledge reuse and building communities at scale.

What changes are we making?

The following features will be discontinued and removed from the site by March 31, 2022:

  • Jobs – including job search, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, and job ads
  • Developer Story and any saved resumes
  • Salary Calculator
  • All emails, settings, and data associated with these features
  • All employer-facing features related to Jobs and Developer Story

What can you expect in the coming months?

  • Late January 2022 – users will no longer be able to create new Developer Stories
  • February 2022 – users will start to see banners and notices on all deprecated features
  • February 2022 – the Salary calculator will no longer be available
  • Early March 2022 – users will be able to easily export all their data related to Jobs & Developer Story
  • March 31, 2022 – all remaining discontinued features will be removed from the site

What are we continuing to support?

The Advertising components of our Talent offering, specifically focused on Employer Branding.

Developers and technologists often want to learn about companies as they begin to evaluate opportunities in order to understand things like the company culture, the work/life balance, the social and environmental policies, the tech stack, and the learning and development opportunities companies offer. This is collectively referred to as “Employer Branding.”

Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) provides a more detailed explanation of employer branding and how companies think of it as part of their talent strategy. Companies can continue to use Stack Overflow’s Employer Branding solutions to promote their employer brand through company pages and other types of advertising.

Jobs & Talent have been a part of Stack Overflow in some form for almost 12 years and have played a critical role in getting us to this stage as a company. In fact, it was also the first product I worked on when I joined Stack Overflow 5 years ago as a Product Manager. To those of you who have used Jobs or created a Developer Story, on behalf of everyone who has worked on Jobs & Talent over the years, I’d like to thank you for trusting us to be a part of your job search process.

The decision to sunset these products wasn’t a simple one and we understand that this may have an impact on your job search process. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by posting them as answers to this question.

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    I really like the Joel Test and the overall layout of SO Jobs. IMO it'll be sad to see it go. Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 18:15
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    I'm sad to see SO Jobs go. It was one of my favorite places to search and apply to jobs. The application experience felt more consistent between jobs than other sites.
    – Stevoisiak
    Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 18:35
  • 460
    I'm really sad to see the salary calculator go. It was a good way of verifying (along with other sources like glassdoor) that I really was being underpaid in one case, and helped me understand what salary to expect when moving to a new city in another. I suggest it to coworkers all the time. Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 20:15
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    This outright sucks! I got a job from my SO resume. And it's cool to send a link to my resume that is interactive with SO when applying for a job. Plus with jobs posted to SO, you had less chance of it being recruiter spam.
    – mxmissile
    Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 21:22
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    I'm really disappointed in this. I've always found SO much better than other job sites for finding quality positions.
    – TrueWill
    Commented Jan 13, 2022 at 23:49
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    It's one thing to remove SO jobs, but why remove the salary calculator?
    – jhpratt
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 2:14
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    I don't use a resume/CV any more, I send people my SO Dev story! You're not asking, you're telling me you will cut off my left arm... Thats what this feels like anyway. While I understand removing the jobs side of things, Dev story adds value to our SO account by giving us a space to publicly broadcast our endeavours, Dev Story increases long term SO user retention. If users move their personal career profile to another platform they will spend less time on SO and then less time in review and other mod queues. Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 3:50
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    I have no idea what "employer branding" is about. Can you be more specific please what "company pages and other types of advertising" refers to? Is a "company page" the company description part of jobs, just now without position offerings?
    – Bergi
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 7:31
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    Feature request: can we now finally get rid of the cringe-worthy site title: "Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share & Build Careers"? How about "where developers compile, link & build binaries" :)
    – Lundin
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 11:14
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    Does this mean the Pluralsight IQ Skill integration will go as well?
    – user692942
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 12:04
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    As someone who recently found a job through SO Jobs the SO Jobs was light years ahead of many other places, although I believe it could certainly have used a few improvements it's really sad to see it go. I loved that I could filter and find jobs that are actually relevant to me without having to sift through 35345 other job postings that just happened to contain a keyword or something like many other jobs websites do, I'm really disappointed in this.
    – maxshuty
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 14:16
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    Agreed, @ChrisSchaller! It's one thing to remove Jobs, but why remove the Developer Story? I like keeping all my developer projects in the Story, and it will definitely be nice later on when I'm applying for jobs. I guess I'll have to export it and put it somewhere else (sigh)... am I the only one, or does it seem like everything changes for the worse these days? Maybe I'm just pessimistic.... Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 22:26
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    Yet another case of destroying something that works and helped many people, and converting it to a useless feature. Good job! keep it going Commented Jan 16, 2022 at 11:13
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    I feel a certain prestige by having my developer story on SO. It conveys a sense of accomplishment in a way that a resume or a portfolio on a site that's non-industry specific does not (i.e., "Top 5% in <topic>"). It's also worth noting that I'm here commenting because today I went to SO jobs to browse through jobs.
    – Seth
    Commented Jan 18, 2022 at 22:32
  • 204
    This is a rare miss for stack overflow. One of the reasons that I spend time answering questions is because employers can see that I am in the top x% on a certain technology on my developer profile. Please reconsider this change! Commented Jan 19, 2022 at 0:11

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Honestly, I never understood the Developer Story, probably because there's no indication that anybody ever looks at them other than the users putting theirs together. It's also an odd layout that doesn't take into account an absence of work on Free Software projects or different lengths of time, but these are tinier quibbles.

Jobs, though, while I have issues with Stack Overflow Jobs--only remembering the most recent cover letter and not requiring a consistent application experience, for examples---the postings have still been significantly higher quality than any other job board that I've seen. And the recruiters requesting my application have been the only recruiters to treat me like more than a search result.

So, the idea that the company would rather "leverage our unique position to solve real, meaningful problems for our users and customers" to corporate branding than helping developers rings false. Likewise, if ditching large features without soliciting opinions is the new way forward, maybe "building communities" isn't actually a core strength?

I mean, it's the parent company's company, and clearly they like using vocabulary like "leverage" and "core strength" more than they like the return on investment of the Jobs service. But this still seems like the wrong way around things, when a plain-talking "this doesn't bring in enough money to warrant the developer hours involved" would have been less jarring to the community.

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    Same. It was extremely misleading to receive an email notification about Developer story going away while the much bigger news was the removal of Stackoverflow Jobs.
    – Nemo
    Commented Apr 2, 2022 at 17:55

Careers 2.0 provided a vision for the future of recruitment. What is Stack Overflow's vision of the future of recruitment at the moment?

Does Stack Overflow have a vision of recruitment at this moment or is it no longer part of the company strategy?

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    It is no longer part of our strategy Commented Jan 25, 2022 at 19:04
  • 2
    Thank you for clarifying
    – tonysepia
    Commented Jan 25, 2022 at 19:09
  • @PuneetMulchandani is the users engagement which happened in the past part of the new strategy in SO? Could you please kindly check for this reason my answer on how this may affect the users engagement in terms of motivation for contribution? Commented Feb 1, 2022 at 15:31

It would be better if you surveyed your users and decided with their company. I expected you to respect your user more.

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    Not exactly a Great Expectation, yet that hasn't been happening of late...
    – Ollie
    Commented Feb 7, 2022 at 18:22

Are you kidding. You have the most trustworthy developer job-seeking platform on the entire internet and you're just going to ditch it!?


It's the best feeling when you are desperately trying to look something up for your work on Stack Overflow, and then you get hit with a great looking job offer. I never applied for a job, but it really felt great.

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    Great looking job offers are all over the place on all kinds of sites. Heck, even on LinkedIn I get plenty of great offers. "It feels good" isn't a practical reason to maintain something like jobs, though.
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Jan 24, 2022 at 8:16

This is what they meant with:

Prosus is an investment and holding company, which means that the most important part of this announcement is that Stack Overflow will continue to operate independently, with the exact same team in place that has been operating it, according to the exact same plan and the exact same business practices. Don’t expect to see major changes or awkward “synergies”.

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    As I mentioned in my post, we made & shared this decision back in early 2021, which was well before we were acquired. This has been years in the making. Commented Jan 25, 2022 at 19:48

As an extensive user of the platform, IMHO, It made perfect sense to have a job board as part of the SO platform. Sad to see this go.


The Advertising components of our Talent offering, specifically focused on Employer Branding.

The most saddest thing I ever read on internet nowadays.

StackOverflow was one of the few companies who focused not only on Employer Branding but on Employee Branding too. It provided a very nice and handy interface to make my presence outstanding by providing a possiblity to share not only my job experiences and interests and bla-bla but giving an insight about how I communicate with strangers and how helpful I could be in my field of interests.

I could not say any other job listing site that could provide this feature. Github is trying to achieve similar thing (branding employees), but it's a whole different approach and does not fit if you are not a Developer but a DevOps, SysAdmin, etc.

I absolutely understand, we, employees aren't so wealthy to support this kind of services but honestly, it could be harder and harder to outstand from the mass. The IT is overcrowded and you have to fight quite hard to be recognized. If you are on the beginning on your career path... well, good luck.

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    "The IT is overcrowded and you have to fight quite hard to be recognized. If you are on the beginning on your career path... well, good luck." ... What? Recruiters are literally begging developers to work for them, there's a massive shortage of developers, worldwide... It's not at all hard to get a job in IT.
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Feb 4, 2022 at 9:17
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    I agree with Gabor, that it isn't easy at all to get recognized, and to get a decent job in IT if in the beginning of one's career. This is especially true if one is not a "Rock Star Developer" (sigh...). Commented Feb 5, 2022 at 10:45

I was using Developer Story as my primary résumé. I liked the template so much and will miss it.


From the other side, as an almost-would-be-customer, I can only say the only reason we as a company never used it was that it was literally easier to find out how much it would cost to send a printed copy of the listing into geosynchronous orbit than finding out how much it would cost to list it here.

I was not able to justify spending the time to find out. Boss wanted to know what it costs, and the only thing I could find was "talk to us to find out". If I need to fill out a whole form and talk to a sales representative on the phone just to get an estimate on the cost, it's too complicated for a small team. I'm convinced it would've gotten better results than what the recruiter services we later on hired dug up, but "no information" was a big red flag to my boss.

So maybe, just maybe, next time tell me what to expect, then I might use it, and it will "get some traction".


I was going to ask about how I could opt out of this feature earlier this month since I didn't want it anymore at all, but it slipped my mind...

Ultimately I think this is a good thing. Despite its heralding as a revolution to job searching, I've used it exactly twice in my professional career and walked away disappointed both times. One company ghosted me. Another cold call interviewed me and expected me to just "be ready" for them. No intro, no nothing - just - let's go into this SQL and dive right in.

For someone who was three years into their career, that's something I've carried with me ever since - to not be like those jerks.

And this was quite some time ago - probably back in 2015, 2016 era. I don't recall there being a lot of opportunity to give feedback on how this actually was doing, and I don't really recall the company being particularly ...open...to feedback on the service.

But this is still a good thing. Glad to see this one go.

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    As a matter if interest, when you were cold called and expected to to participate in an an interview, what did you do? Perhaps acquiesce, and participate, push back, withdraw, or something else? Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 1:38
  • 5
    @chrisneilsen: I went through it. I mean, three years in the industry, what did I know about this? It definitely was different to the first/only time I had been interviewed, which was introductory, then a walkthrough of what to expect, some time to prepare, then the actual thing - nope, this was some senior dev asking me a whole bunch of SQL questions for a Python job. Go figure.
    – Makoto
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 17:55
  • I had a similar experience with an employer working in an area as I also did before. He therefore probably felt that I might know something more than what I already did at my previous employer (exactly what his coders did to his own project) he completely disregarded my CV, to say the least .... It was like, well, we repair cars here, but as time as you already master this craft, let's see if we can make together a plane instead. That was very awkward considering that I had already managed to work as a full stack at a project similar to his own
    – Eve
    Commented Jan 30, 2022 at 15:16

Maybe it's time to turn off the automated email that prompts us to update the developer story?

"Have you built something new, contributed to open source projects, or changed jobs? We noticed that you haven’t updated your Developer Story in a while."

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    It's in the works, it'll happen as part of the changes we're making in February Commented Jan 25, 2022 at 20:36

No.. Please don't end the job Board. You guys have the best job board and its a one stop destination for budding developers like me


In my eyes SO is stopping doing what it should be doing. They are doing more and more actions for themselves.

I think connecting developers with companies that need them is one of the perks being on SO as a helpful developer.

The main question is: "What has now SO to offer for the developers that dedicate their time helping others?" Points? (Useless) Good feeling? That is true, but it should offer more and I'm afraid this is beginning of the end for SO in the long run.

For me, I can say it was nice while it lasted. I'll visit only those tags I care about and use SO even less now.

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    No, the core is still a repository of high-quality answers to non-redundant actual questions that software developers have (OK, a first-order approximation. It is difficult with 22,216,614 questions, a company that doesn't care about quality (the measured stuff is all about quantity), the ongoing Eternal September, and gamification that favors fast answers over comprehensible answers). Jobs was always a side show - a way to monetise the core. Commented Feb 8, 2022 at 21:54
  • 4
    @PeterMortensen yes that (high-quality questions and answers) is the core, I think we agree on that. The difference in opinion here is: "How to you motivate developers to provide high quality answers/questions?" You could improve on Jobs on SO, no doubt about it. Getting rid of it altogether is a huge mistake. I know it was a way to monetize the core, but also it served a purpose to interconnect two seeking parties. Only the future will show, but I really do think this is beginning of the end.
    – tukan
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 7:40

Honestly trying to figure out if this is an elaborate April fool's day prank or publicity stunt. My experience over the years is completely at odds with the "forward looking" statement about having trouble differentiating. SO jobs had such a lower signal to noise ratio and higher quality than most of what I found elsewhere. Maybe it wasn't profitable in the way hoped for, or that generational differences complicated the market. There were a lot of synergies in how the site funtioned that has made it an internet institution. I hope to be wrong, but this seems like the beginning of the end for this site if true.

  • Yeah, I think it's a prank. April 1st is a dead giveaway.
    – GUI Junkie
    Commented Mar 25, 2022 at 10:05

Completely exiting the space is the wrong decision from a growth standpoint. I see a lot of mistakes being made by Stack Exchange that look good on paper lately but are bad in practice, this is just one more.

Developer story was one of the drivers for me to participate on SE. A link to that page was included with every job application I sent out over the past several years, I considered the PluralSight IQ badges and the top % on SE badges an asset to showing my abilities to potential employers and worked to improve those numbers, landing me in the top 20% on two technologies and the top 10% on a third. While I don't have that need anymore now that I have permanent employment, there are others in the same boat.

Just because a product isn't directly making you much money, or because you are not a leader in the field doesn't mean it is something that should be cut. Retail has long understood this premise, that's why they hold sales, offering products that will get people in the door so they can make money on the other things those people buy. Perhaps these features are one of Stack Exchange's "sales" something that draws users even if it's not the thing the company profits on when the users are here.


Since Stack Overflow Jobs announced is shutting down, I've decided to build a curated list of alternatives.

I hope it helps lots of developers to find a job 😀

Stack Overflow Jobs Alternatives

Enter image description here


OMG! SO is the rightest place for job ads for developers. I always considered SO job ads as more professional than other platforms. You asked yourself:

how can we leverage our unique position to solve real, meaningful problems for our users and customers?

then came up with removing Jobs!!!?

Is Microsoft going to acquire LinkedIn or create another platform?

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    ...you do know that happened a while ago, right? I legit can't tell if you're being facetious or just clueless on this front, since it was pretty big news at the time.
    – Makoto
    Commented Jan 21, 2022 at 16:51
  • 4
  • 3
    Oh I didn't know that !
    – nAviD
    Commented Jan 25, 2022 at 9:31
  • Yeah M$ already own LinkedIn, they don't care about any particular vertical. There's a new platform I found a few weeks back which looks promising on the dev story and jobs front (its only for devs from what I can see not sure about Testers etc) thefullstack.network
    – MetaCoder
    Commented Jan 26, 2022 at 13:59
  • 2
    Right. Honestly feels like this has mba’s written all over it - people who don’t understand the ethos of the development community. Commented Jan 29, 2022 at 12:30
  • 1
    Nah, don't blame MBAs @technogeek1995 An MBA who got any knowledge at all from his education would realize that it makes sense to keep Developer Story and SO Careers. That's because SO Jobs are a type of 'loss leader' (as I learned during my MBA program). Loss leaders might make little money for a business, or even lose money, but they are well worth the cost and staff resources. That's because the presence of a loss leader has beneficial synergistic effects on highly profitable parts of the company that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Commented Feb 5, 2022 at 10:35
  • @EllieKesselman I think you're being ironic, but just for others coming across this comment: SO has the world's best loss leader: its Q&A platform. It doesn't need another one. Jobs was meant to make money.
    – Rob Grant
    Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 11:24

Developer Profile is a medium to show one's contribution and get a sense of satisfaction.

I know a lot of people who use their SO Developer Profile in their CV. By removing the developer profile feature, the company is undermining the effort of all SO Community members which make the useful position of SO today.

I am totally disappointed by this, although my contribution is less.

The job section of SO is less cluttered and I recommend a lot of my friends to use SO for their job application.

The above two features are a catalyst for contributions on SO. It’s really sad that these two features will be removed from here.


Sad. SO is the only place I like looking for jobs and I point to my Developer Story in every job I apply to. I think it's a clear indication of profits over people, and ironically, this will likely diminish returns in the long run as fewer developers and small companies use the site.

I personally don't use Stack Overflow anymore except for occasional references to things I've forgot. When I do I always glance at the Jobs section just to see what positions are posted. You're doing a great disservice to the developer community - the ones that lifted you up and made you what you are - in the short-sighted interest of profits.

Community-driven websites that try to take something given in fairness for free and squeeze extra profits from of at the expense of said masses are destined to fail if they slight the ones that made them. Quora charging for answers, SO removing a beneficial feature for something none of us want.. I'll see you fellas with Yahoo Answers and Ask Jeeves!


Probably at such news some smart people here will try to scrape the Jobs API (despite of myself being not sure if such thing actually exists here) in order to save for their future use some companies details. It's not a good decision for SO to trash such a gold mine. Even worse, you just plan to empty a place that it was so comfortably filled by yourself. If you leave that space (of offering jobs) almost instantly some competitors can come to take over that market share that you carelessly abandon.

Second thing that probably will happen is that, being (like so many successful platforms out there) an user - created content platform, many people will leave massively the platform because of it transforming itself from an 'almost-work environment' toward something more 'almost-fun environment'. The core of SO success was to always help people be more productive (not just at their actual workplaces but also at a personal level, in their quest to advance in a career).

If your management staff thinks that users gain too much value and want instead to collect much more for the platform itself, that would be harder if losing the users interest to stay here.

I imagine that after staying 6-8 hours daily on SO to either answer or write questions it was a refreshing thing (almost as an award) to be able to also see some job offers in the same webpage. Let's not forget that people actually WORK while being here, it's not just as easy as reading the news! I congratulate the exquisite efforts of those answering with truly elaborate posts to various edge scenarios questions, and also the effort of those asking valid things (after reading tons of posts in that topic before daring to write original new questions - to avoid duplication and stay relevant).

Jobs section was [ is ] something as a prize for many of those capable fellows which in return are coming again (even after succeeding to find a good job) to even learn more, ask more, answer even more.

What is the best thing of all is that browsing SO while at work isn't considered something bad. Browsing SO isn't NSFW (not suitable for work)! Instead is a good thing to be among the top ones, to search the best solutions to the problem at hand, to even answer to some others after you did find yourself some solution by your own as a give back.

What is Twitter for instant news is SO for instant solution at many topics (well, if you want to keep it as it is).

And, don't worry, the best advertising and promotion for the companies is the very fact that they are here as employers, offering Jobs content, because :

  • it shows they are expanding (therefore they have a vision, and are financially sound)
  • it shows they care for communities (because they are in search for new people to hire them - instead of just outsourcing their needs or buying from other companies around)
  • nobody would be as interested in company branding as this new policy thinks (I hope you have heard the words saying that nobody cares how much you know before they know how much you care and also that you can't impress someone of whom you don't really care). This is because companies aren't as much interested to just brag like "look how good and big we are" as much as increasing their bottom line and making profits. We all know how narcissistic each company can be :) and also the people at times. Despite of many users being here to also build a nice prestige for themselves (which keeps being harder and harder because top questions were almost told all of them - or already answered, and answered well - in many areas), that would be useless if they wouldn't have deep pockets viewers to award their efforts (not just with upvotes but with real jobs).

My conclusion thus stays the same as the general one, and I would say it in a Yoda style: "where you are, well you are".

And even more: Why try to fix something that ain't broken at all ?


Later edit: I read answers from a lot of people about being "sad" - it's useless to just be sad while you could instead use some RSS reader (for example the free one - Inoreader) and save the feed link from bottom side of Jobs list page in it - this one - so you have the solution.

Therefore, you can have stored all companies and all their present job offers, plus the new ones starting from now, for the future (just in case these companies will expand their talent pool - but who doesn't? - and continue to hire - or simply just change part of their staff when not performing, resigning or changing career). Probably the most useful thing though is to keep on your records the specific tech stack that these companies use - and align your skills through education (plus what you build as a solid portfolio) to their stack for the future.


Computing science is the most demanded qualified profession in the world and you want to end up with jobs section of one of the most visited site about computing science? You have a lot of software programmers registred in your website and you aren't making money with all the companies searching for programmers? I can't understand it.


In my opinion SO jobs was probably the best tool for developers to find a new job. To give you a sense of what I'm talking about, because I was answering a lot of Angular, NgRx and RxJS questions 5 or 6 years ago, randomly at some point while searching myself for a question on SO I noticed a job ad on the side. For a 25 years old French guy, sending a resume to a startup in central London seemed as crazy and unlikely thing to happen. Guess what? It worked out and I've been working for that company for 4.5 years now.

I got to live in central London for 2.5 years which was beyond amazing in so many ways and now I keep working for that company remotely as I came back living in France. But what a ride it's been so far! I know this could've happened probably with a different job ad on LinkedIn or somewhere else. But it didn't and it's the Stack Overflow one that made it happen. I mentioned that countless times to HR too, so that they could keep using SO for job ads. I'm really really sad to see this feature go away.

Now on the developer story. I didn't find that thread randomly. I was about to add a new open source project I just published on GitHub and NPM to my developer story. I searched it for a solid 5 minutes in my profile thinking that the UI probably got modified a bit. Until at some point I just thought it was probably gone for some reason... And here we are. What a sad day. I loved that story. I was writing every small success there, and it was such a neat timeline to remember what I was proud of. It was a great place to aggregate all the open source repositories I published, YouTube videos, blog posts I wrote, jobs I got, etc. This was my one source of truth to assemble all this thing across time. I really wish I had a notification or an email giving me a warning because I'd have taken a screenshot or saved it somehow. Now it's just gone.

Please Stack Overflow, reconsider your choice for both the jobs and the developer story. These two things are absolutely amazing.


This is only comparable to YouTube removing the dislike count.

Makes you wonder about how management decision are made and how disconnected people in companies get about what people thinks / expects from their product(s)

  • 2
    How is this related? YT removing dislikes is just to protect a certain portion of the community from negative attention. Noble as it may be, though misguided... Removing jobs is a financial decision, it doesn't consider users, it's just statistics.
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 12:05
  • 1
    YT removing dislikes is to engage people in the comments; the uploader already had the option of disabling likes/dislikes count. Therefore it is also a financial decision (it is always about the money)
    – pkaramol
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:41
  • Uploaders never had the option to -only- disable dislikes. This movement to hide all signs of negativity is something that’s been over the internet the last few years. Even SO tried it for a while, but it just doesn’t solve the issue it is meant to solve… It’s purely to prevent people from getting their feelings hurt, and that’s in no way related to this jobs removal.
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:45
  • Disabling dislikes and comments was a good enough protection against harassment. Disabling ONLY dislikes count is for engagement (imho). I don't get the added value of disabling dislikes count vs the previous situation.
    – pkaramol
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:48
  • 1
    Disabling dislikes is dishonest. Then a +1k -11k video suddenly shows only +1k...
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:50
  • Ιsn't the same now? A video may have been crappy and downvoted by the whole community but you still have to SPEND TIME on the platform to see for yourself. So it ends up being about staying there more.
    – pkaramol
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:55
  • We're getting a little off-topic, here. Of course, in the end, everything is about money. But then we might as well be complaining they shouldn't be approving new Area51 sites, because it's "all about the money"...
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:56
  • :+1 yes I agree on your last point
    – pkaramol
    Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 13:57

This is exactly the case when the amount of downvotes (or upvotes) doesn't change anything - they do what they want to do no matter how many people are frustrated and disappointed here.

  • 5
    It's an announcement, not a discussion...
    – Cerbrus
    Commented Feb 7, 2022 at 8:27
  • 2
    If it's an announcement you should remove any voting, any comments, and answers.
    – mimic
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 17:49

There is always a decision which takes you 5 years ahead or 5 years back. And in this case I think it takes SO 5 years back. Such a disappointment to remove these features. This corporate shift move will cost more than just revenue.


One of the things I don't like about LinkedIn, where I've done so much of my job searching, is that I can't seem to lay my projects out in a sensible way. Stack Overflow really allows programmers to tie their experience to actual specifics in a way that other job boards just don't.

On the other hand, SO has to think about where to put resources just like any other company/organization. The job marketplace has so many big players already and I have to trust that SO has done the cost/benefit analysis in terms of whether to continue in this space.


Going through the answers and comments, I see many people are going to miss the features that are marked to be dropped.

As far as the job advertisements go, I also would like to see more targeted ads than some random generic ads.

Developer stories enabled people to be visible to the relevant people.

Having said that, I totally understand this move and what I'm about to write down below may not be the most popular opinion.

The question that I would ask myself is "what do I really expect from Stack Overflow?". The first things that come to my mind is definitely not:

a) To make myself visible to the world

b) To find a job

As per my understanding, Stack Overflow's original intention has been basically to provide a Q&A platform for professional and enthusiast programmers. Which they certainly did a good job with.

But, it’s not only the Stack Overflow, is it? Stack Overflow is based on the Stack Exchange community platform which facilitates many other industries and people in different careers. I don't really understand who's concerned about which part of the platform, but I do understand managing many specialized features on a single common platform is a disaster in the making. It is not good for the basic product and the concerns.

This decision in my eye is a step towards the right direction. Yes, it would take away the features that some are really fond of. But, it will keep the platform running for many years to come.

If you miss a feature, build something yourself and open it to the world. Who knows if it can become the next LinkedIn? Maybe Stack Overflow people should get together and make one improving on their experience. I don't know how, but whatever that works will work.

Side Note

Remember the good old days of Facebook when it was just a place where friends met up and made sense. Then the apps and games came through which we enjoyed. I don't remember when came what, but, pages and groups also came through and everyone and their dog wanted to become a Facebook personality.

They started to collect all your data and push towards you all the information that you really don't want. Eventually it became a site filled with features and information that stands in your way. It has grown too far to a point that they can no longer manage it properly, resulting several large scale data breaches. Therefore, in the recent years people started to move away from Facebook as its goals changed and turned into a "in your face" kind of a platform.

I'm certain that there were people who enjoyed all those features. But, they did help the platform to deviate from its original calling and become not the post popular social network in the world.


Please give SO back to Jeff; this is a decision made by business people for business people, not by developers to developers.

I hope you get to regret this decision the same way Experts-Exchange (among others) had to regret their shady knowledge gating and practices towards a free and open space to gain knowledge, provide it, or merely get relevant information.

I know for sure I'll be contributing a lot less to Stack Overflow and the network in general, as most of the time I'm helping people in chat or answering questions about Android or Linux (but had my fair time helping macOS users back then).


I am a developer and recruiter.

The problem with SO jobs is it is extremely overpriced at $500/per ad and not accessible to any advertiser.

The ads should be $50 each and anyone should be able to place an ad - including recruiters.

  • 1
    But then the signal-to-spam ratio would go down(?). Commented Feb 8, 2022 at 22:04
  • Not so sure it would, it was mostly spam already.
    – Kevin B
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 15:31
  • @KevinB I disagree; it was very good from my perspective.
    – Rob Grant
    Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 11:29

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