This audit dispute is from the reopen queue: https://stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/30724831

My reason for reopening is in direct conflict with the close reason "This question needs details or clarity."

But when I click reopen I get the audit fail message:

STOP! Look and Listen.

This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. This question has serious problems that must be fixed before it can be answered. If you're unable to fix these problems by Editing, you should Close such questions.

The question is clear and concise, lists the external interface provider, documents the specific model/payload that causes the failure, and documents a use case that returns a valid response.

Review Audit

In terms of serious problems, I don't see any other than the tag, but I wouldn't call it serious; perhaps it could have been tagged with payment-gateway or something similar. Only one comment was posted from the initial close reviewers, so there is not a lot of information to support the close in the first place:

@serge: What Monnify API has to do with asp-net core tag?

While I can see where @Serge is coming from, I would also have tagged this with the .NET Framework to attract answers from the community to match my current runtime, rather than trying to submit a new tag for this single post.

I admit that if you do not understand the general domain, payment integrations, then you might expect to see more code, but the model provided in the code is enough of an MRE for this type of service, especially giving the additional information from the OP that demonstrates a reasonable amount of research and effort and that they have isolated the issue to one specific field value.

I am familiar with Monnify and have read through the official documentation, there isn't any documented answer that I can find to this seemingly basic question.

The answer is that Monnify only (currently) processes transactions in NGN and is designed specifically to work with the Nigerian banking sector. It will accept credit card and direct deposits from USSD banks, but the transaction currency is always calculated in fixed NGN.

Although there are no other posts on SO regarding Monnify, I argue that SO is the right place to ask as this is a community for questions like this, as there are a lot of questions posted regarding other payment integration systems.

I still firmly believe the question can be answered and that it benefits the wider community for it to have and answer and a place to generate a discussion around it.

IMO, this question is an obvious reopen, so much so that I immediately identified it as a review audit, except I expected the review to also expect this to be re-opened.

The question was deleted after it was closed, but should it have been so harshly closed in the first place and why does this come up as a good audit question?

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    Frankly, seems like a support question to me. They need to ask the provider for that API why it responds one way or another. And the mistagging is a serious issue, because it attracts traffic from users who look at the question an think "for a coding issue, this lacks details or clarity". Tagging it with "asp-net-core" makes as much sense as tagging it "dell-inspiron". Might be what the OP is using, but is absolutely irrelevant.
    – yivi
    Jan 4 at 7:39
  • @yivi in that case though shouldn't we edit the question and update the tags instead of closing? Would editing the question to re-open have been the appropriate action, instead of just re-open? Jan 4 at 7:45
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    As I said, it looks like a support question to me. I wouldn't vote to reopen it. I would direct them to contact support from their provider.
    – yivi
    Jan 4 at 7:46
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    @yivi i feel their pain, I have not received any useful feedback from them myself, and not any in english. OP didn't indicate any attempt in this area, but even then, many vendors are even opting to use SO as their tech support forum, as is recognised by Collectives, so even with a comment to assist them in this direction, which there already was one, SO is still a very valid place to post a question like this I would have thought. Jan 4 at 7:50
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    I don't see how this is a programming question to begin with. They've verified that they are using the API correctly (using the NGN currency) and the rest is up to the API provider, not the code. It seems similar to other off-topic questions like "this code works with <local IP> but not <public IP>" stealth-networking-questions. Jan 4 at 8:06
  • That would make more sense to argue that the question is off topic, but to fail an audit due to needs more detail or clarity is very ambiguous and misleading. Jan 4 at 8:22
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    AFAIK it doesn't matter which close reason you use, and the audit only checks that you don't re-open it. Often enough, an off-topic question might just be a bit of details and clarity away from an on-topic question. Jan 4 at 8:27
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    "needs more detail or clarity" == off-topic. It doesn't matter why it was closed, what matters is "did it needed reopening, or not"? When you clicked "reopen" you hadn't seen the original close-reason, so it can't be part of the argument.
    – yivi
    Jan 4 at 8:28
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    No that's not true, we do see the original close reason, that's a feature of the re-open queue, we're supposed to consider if the edit to the post has sufficiently addressed the original close reason, as well as all the usual criteria. If the original closers were waiting for more information, then they will not get it, any more info on a post like that just makes it harder to interpret. Jan 4 at 8:50
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    My standard for re-open is "Can I reasonably answer the question", "Is the question phrased on a generically accessible way", "Is it reasonable to assume other developers would experience the same issue" and finally "would the community benefit from a solution to this." Overall I say yes, in the past having somewhere to find this answer would have saved me a few hours of research. Yes it is a general support issue, but there isn't an active vendor support community or forum to post this particular question on. Jan 4 at 8:55
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    Closing and opening isn't about usefulness. If that's your criteria and you failed the audit because of it, the audit worked. Jan 4 at 9:00

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