In Stack Overflow, I'm filtering questions tagged with both [youtube] and [python] tags; when new entries appears in the search results - i.e: 3 questions with new activity - and press the link for show the new entries, those entries are only questions with [python] tag on them.

You can follow this link with the filters on it, or follow these steps for reproduce this bug:

  • In the search bar type: [youtube] [python] and press Enter.
  • Wait a few seconds and you'll see the link with the legend: X questions with new activity. Click that link.
  • The new entries loaded are actually questions with [python] tag on them, not with the tags set in the search bar.

I do consider this behaviour as a bug, but, I want to share this finding and know if anyone else has seen a similar problem with the search feature.

Also, the number of results (Example: 818 questions) is not updated when the X questions with new activity link is clicked.



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