I unlocked the review queues privilege on SO yesterday, but after clicking it, found nothing to review. After waiting another day, nothing has changed. I see a red circle as if there is something to review:

enter image description here

but when clicked, see nothing: enter image description here

Upon clicking all queues, I see that there are indeed things to review:

enter image description here

I've heard that this could be due to a buffering issue, but am not sure how to fix it. Can someone please help?

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    That's weird. You're not review banned either (not that that's a shock when you've just been granted access and haven't done any reviews yet.). Do you have an ad blocker installed, that might be a bit too aggressive on the review queue HTML? Dec 23, 2021 at 23:09
  • Yes, I use Ublock Origin, but after disabling it I still see the same thing.
    – Ryan Fu
    Dec 23, 2021 at 23:12
  • @RyanFu - What browser are you using? Only those versions supported by Chromium, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are supported by Stack Exchange. Dec 24, 2021 at 0:02
  • Chrome, on the latest version
    – Ryan Fu
    Dec 24, 2021 at 0:04
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    I ran into this issue with the suggested queue (10k+ only (question demonstrating similar issue, no review tasks appearing, however I was getting a "An error occurred when loading the review item. Please try again." error in addition to that)). My issue resolved itself automatically after a combination of 10 minutes and several refreshes. Dec 24, 2021 at 0:43
  • Could you try it again? I just tried accessing the review queues and looks like they're now working again.
    – Andrew T.
    Dec 24, 2021 at 2:08
  • Yeah, it works now!
    – Ryan Fu
    Dec 24, 2021 at 5:02


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