This might be caused by the recently launched New responsive Activity page but I don't think so. I encountered this following the Meta Stack Exchange question When are hidden comunities displayed on the View All page?

The profile page of a staff member shows a +20 reputation for a Collective article:

enter image description here

but when I visit the link https://stackoverflow.com/collectives/audiobubble/articles/69624295/testing-suggestions-for-audio-bubble it returns a 404.

I have no problem with users having more reputation than I can account for with public information, but it would be better if that entry is completely hidden from the profile.


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Thank you for reporting this! These articles we used for testing should now be hidden on user profiles.

However, there are some lingering effects visible on one SO employee's profile (the article count is off and reputation) which will remain. Fixing these is a larger effort than we'd like and we believe that time is better spent elsewhere.

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