I don’t like the new UI updates. This may be good if viewed from small-screen devices, but for a desktop user, it is awful. Even though there are discussions about the UI changes, this is about the changes that came into action from the last day.

Tags Section

The tags section has a lot of blank space in the middle.

Here is the tags section. In the previous version, the tags section was properly placed in a minimal space, but now it takes the whole view space.

Question and Answer Section

One screen contains the answer section and part of the question section.

In the previous UI version, users could see both questions and answers tabs side by side, but now we have to scroll down to see the answers section.

Reputation Section

The reputation section has a bar graph at the top, however the width of the bars is maximally expanded, leaving no space between the bars. The bar graph is also not labeled in either axis.

This is the main reason that prompted me to write this report: that bar graph looks weird (at least on desktop). If I want see today's reputation status, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom, previously that was available at the top.

Considering all these the new UI Changes are disastrous!!


Instead of putting these sections into a single column, make it multiple columns according to the content.



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