Does it affect my 'people reached' on my activity page if I start a bounty of someone's question?

Screenshot showing part of a user's "Activity" section, "Impact" box (to the right) - the approximate number of "people reached"

I ask this because I just started a bounty on a question here.


if I start a bounty of someone's question?

Putting a bounty itself does not affect the "people reached" stats. The stats only count your own posts while also fulfilling some other criteria mentioned on What does "people reached" signify and how is it calculated?:

  • Questions

    • Non-deleted only
  • Answers - Views of the parent question for answers that are:

    • Non-deleted AND
    • Score > 0 AND
    • Also meets one or more of the following criteria:
      • In the top 3 answers OR
      • Is the Accepted Answer OR
      • Score at least 5 OR
      • Has at least 20% of the total vote count

If it is on your own question, then the bounty might increase the "people reached" stats indirectly from future visitors' view who are interested/curious about the question.