There are a lot of good answers that don't really get the number of upvotes they should. People often come in, copy some code, and leave.

Chances are, if they're copying code from an answer, it was both a good question and a good answer, so why not make that an auto upvote?

If people are worried this would lead to manual upvotes being devalued, we could potentially track the values separately and make these copies worth a fraction of a manual upvote.

This could also be implemented with a dialog prompting for a vote instead if people aren't keen on it being automatic.

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    What if they copy the code and it didn't work for them...?
    – Suraj Rao
    Nov 29 '21 at 14:52
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    If no code is copied from one of the answers, do question and answer(s) get an auto-downvote, too? Nov 29 '21 at 14:52
  • At that point they're probably going to go back and try another answer so you could transfer the upvote then Nov 29 '21 at 14:53
  • @JeanneDark - No, because that'd pick up when someone's googled something and landed on a question that isn't actually what they're looking for Nov 29 '21 at 14:53
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    What if I copy code just to run it and see the output to decide if I want to upvote or not?
    – takendarkk
    Nov 29 '21 at 14:53
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    @Persistence What if they waste more than 5 minutes on a non-working solution and then can no longer change the vote? Nov 29 '21 at 14:54
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    If a spammer copies the content of an answer to make their spam harder to detect, question and original answer still get the auto-upvotes? Nov 29 '21 at 14:54
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    What if I copy the code but never paste and run it? How will the system know not to upvote then?
    – Tomerikoo
    Nov 29 '21 at 14:54
  • @takendarkk - Then you just revoke your auto upvote Nov 29 '21 at 14:54
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    I copy code from questions/answers all the time, to see if the claims the OP make are correct before attempting to answer Sometimes I copy it because the code is a completely mess and it needs some formatting. Why should I therefore automatically upvote them?
    – Larnu
    Nov 29 '21 at 14:59
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    In the end, this would mean that "gimme-the-codez" questions are considered the best questions and the best answers are code-only answers? An explanation of why or how something works is not just not helpful, it's maybe even harmful because it may make copy-pasting harder. We'd encourage people to ask and give fish, instead of learning/teaching how to fish. Nov 29 '21 at 15:00
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    “Chances are, if they're copying code from an answer, it was both a good question and a good answer so why not make that an auto upvote?” — Yes, what are those chances? I’d say citation needed. Code is copied to test and critically examine it, not because the answer and a question of unrelated quality is good. Dialogs, separate vote counters etc. are just noise. Nov 29 '21 at 15:01
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    I often copy a particular section of a post to put in a comment. A lot of times it's to explain why it doesn't work. Why should I play whack-an-upvote in this case?
    – VLAZ
    Nov 29 '21 at 15:01
  • 8
    The point stands, @Persistence . I fix the formatting in answers too. I check that an answer works as I expect too, as sometimes I look at an answer and think "That doesn't look right. Let me check before I comment/vote."
    – Larnu
    Nov 29 '21 at 15:03
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    Or to copy it to a live playground because the OP did not even bother to do that. Or to edit in/out a stack snippet. How exactly do you propose to account for these cases? This is a high-risk (false positives, complexity, breaking existing working systems) low-reward (no clear benefit over other, less intrusive solutions for promoting rating content more) situation - one which one ideally wants to avoid at all costs Nov 29 '21 at 15:04

Auto-upvotes in any situation is not a good idea. How a user uses their votes is their decision. Besides, if the code doesn't work, why would the user want to upvote?

There are a lot of good answers that don't really get the number of upvotes they should

Then upvote it yourself! You can't force others to vote on an answer, even if it's really good.

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