I had my question closed.

The problem with that is that it points now only for me to a very lengthy discussion about asynchronous calls, callbacks etc. Working on Internet, I found that the solution is simple. Just place all the code you want to be executed after a jQuery POST request in the success part of the POST request.

Comment in the questions helped a lot! If I saw such an answer immediately, it would have saved me hours of my life, but instead I have to go through lengthy, although useful discussion on asynchronous calls. I in no way think that people who write such deliberate answers are bad. Oh no. They are great for the community.

However, I thought the idea of Stack Overflow is more like a common knowledge place where good questions often lead to helping other people with similar situations. I think that my question, if answered simply like I found, would greatly help other newbies like I'm, so closing them is a bit too bad on people of my level.

Yes, I realize that my level is noob, and yes, I understand there are great developers who understand all about calls, networks, etc. But don't you think that using simple solutions is also useful sometimes? So such questions as mine can simply be answered as "ok, do this, and if you want to learn more go there", instead of closing them?

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    It's closed as a duplicate. If you believe that the duplicate target could make use of another answer (that actually answers the question, and not just repeats what other answers already said), you could add an answer yourself. "I thought the idea of StackOverflow is more like a common knowledge place" A library of knowledge, yes, and duplicate closures help keeping information in one place so it's easier to find for everyone. Nov 19 at 12:20
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    "I saw such an answer immediately it would have saved me hours of my life" since such answers already exist on the site, and you did not find them, it is instructive to ask "why"? That. That is why we close duplicates. Having one, canonical, representation of any given question and its answers actually makes it easier to find: it's easier for one q&a to be a top search result on e.g. Google than 50 (or given the scale of stack overflow, more like 5 mil). And if you find an answer you like, odds are better you can find it again later than trying to remember which of 50 dupes has it. Nov 19 at 13:09
  • I could and wanted to add an answer but what for? If this is the closed question?
    – Undry
    Nov 19 at 13:58
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    Re "So such questions as mine can simply be answered as "ok, do this, and if you want to learn more go there",": There could certainly be a layer on top of Stack Overflow that would be a human search engine and would provide pointers in the right direction, etc. It would also be an opportunity to experiment with some AI assistance. (The artefacts from this should not go on the public Internet, but they could guide writing better tag wikis (a sort of revival of the FAQ writing culture).). But it will probably never happen. The company is incapable of innovation. Nov 19 at 17:16
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    If you have an answer that's not already covered, add the answer to the duplicate. Nov 19 at 20:00
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    I'm with Peter Mortensen on this one. One goal of a worthwhile triage queue would pick off duplicates before they become posted questions. Nov 19 at 20:05
  • My ending point to this whole saga is simple. Yes the answer is there and I never ever doubted those who answered admiring their time and offer. But. Sometimes simplier is better. 1) For me closed question is a no go, so trying to add answer there is not good 2) I like being simple, whenever I have the opportunity to share my humble knowledge I do so in simpliest way possible. 3) When i get links to lengthy answers it reminds me of RTFM, that I always thought was detrimental.
    – Undry
    Nov 20 at 19:33
  • You make a fair point to be honest, although I have to point out that I am amused by the fact that you are trying to make exactly the same point about simple = better... three times, just worded differently each time. See, even you are verbose when you least expect it. You are still free to add your simple version of the answer to the question under the duplicate link, but yeah it'll be hidden behind the wall of text answers. It's just the way it is.
    – Gimby
    Nov 23 at 14:21
  • @Gimby Ohhh I often see this problem in programming, people try to make programming sound more diffictult than it really is. Anyway I cannot imagine what would people do without StackOverflow.
    – Undry
    Nov 23 at 15:58

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