While navigating on Microsoft Edge, on some webpages I can enter Immersive Reading mode by pressing F9 or by clicking the icon on the address bar. Is it possible (maybe using a "wrapper web) to read Stack Overflow responses on this mode?


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From this doc, we can know that if you don't see Immersive Reader in the address bar, it might be that the web page isn't an article, or some content is missing when opened in reading view.

You can use the following ways to enter Immersive Reader:

  • Add the prefix read: to the URL in the address bar and press Enter. But in my test, using this way to enter Immersive Reader on stackoverflow will only show the question part.

    enter image description here

  • Select the text that you want to read, right-click, and from the context menu, select Open in Immersive Reader.

    enter image description here

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