When writing a question, there is a list of possibly related questions above the main question body and below the title. It can be helpful when asking language-specific questions, but when it gets more generalized, there's a problem.

Take this simple question example: "How do I print colored output to the terminal in Rust?" When writing that as a question, I get at least 10-15 results with nearly identical titles. Great, someone's already asked my question and I'll get answers! But when I go to the similar questions, they're "How do I print colored output to the terminal" but in C++, Python, Bash, etc. I also notice that the tab's title in the browser does have the question's tag name when I go to it.

For example, go to this question: How to print colored text to the terminal. The tab's title is python - How to print col... even though python - isn't in the actual question's title.

So my request: could we add tag names to the list of suggested related questions so that we can tell which language the question is about without actually having to go to the question and look at the tags?


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This is just one of those no-brainers to me. Heck yes, we need this.

But specifically this - adding the (language) tag name to the title. Don't filter because software filters will always be flawed and will contextually filter too much. We like to reason from the perspective of the old reliables such as C++ and Java, but that tends to make us fall flat for the younger generation tags such as R, JavaScript or Python.

No, just provide enough information, so the brain filter can do its thing. Clean, simple, and doable.

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