I read here that using the meta is the way to request a tag rename request from a moderator.

I would like to suggest the renaming of the tag to something specific to avoid confusion with and .

These are the conflicting tags,the number of questions and their definition:

  • 42 questions (and decreasing!), 78 watchers: "CDO is a free implementation of a Distributed Shared Model on top of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)..."
  • 220 questions, 30 watchers: "Climate Data Operators (CDO) is a collection of command line Operators to manipulate and analyse gridded datasets in the supported data formats of netCDF 3/4..."
  • 215 questions, 1 watcher: "Part of Microsoft's Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) it is usually used by WSH or .NET applications for e-mail message automation."

I actually set up the cdo-climate tag, and I regularly have to edit cdo-climate questions that are incorrectly tagged with cdo. I know there is the metadata, but it seems a lot of people don't read it. If the cdo tag could be renamed to something a bit more specific, I think it would it would avoid most of the mis-tagging.

Although it has 78 watchers, it seems to be a relatively rarely-used tag, with only 42 questions. In fact it used to be well over 120 questions, but the majority of the questions were actually for cdo-climate, and after I sifted through and corrected the tags, that left 42 - and looking through them now I see that nearly all the remaining question are actually intended for cdo.message and there are probably very few questions intended for this "cdo.eclipse" topic. (Indeed, I suspect that quite a few of those 78 watchers are likely interested in cdo-climate or cdo.message too by logical extension).

So as it is relatively obscure, I hope that the tag rename does not impact too many people. I'm not sure what to suggest for new name, but perhaps cdo.emf or cdo-eclipse? (I used a hyphen instead of a dot in my tag, not sure what is considered the best etiquette). I am also happy to clean up the remaining incorrect tags between cdo and cdo.message.

update: After retagging all the cdo.message questions correctly, the actual [cdo] tag referring to eclipse only has 10 questions posted to it, the most recent of which was Jan 2018, nearly 4 years ago. So this obscure and inactive tag is causing all the cdo.message and cdo-climate questions to be incorrectly tagged (with the exception of one question, which was a python question on manipulating "Collateralized Debt Obligation" financial instrument stats :-D)

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