I've just wrote a question regarding chunked transfer encoding and I've found at least 3 tags that seems to be very similar (or duplicates).

Chunked encoding involves transferring the body of a message as a series of chunks, each with its own chunk size header.

Chunked transfer encoding is a data transfer mechanism in version 1.1 of HTTP in which data is sent in a series of "chunks"

The http-chunked tag has no usage guidance

Anyone knows whether those tags refers to different topics or are they actually duplicates?


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Yes, those three tags mean the same thing and should be synonyms. In theory "chunked-encoding" could be implemented on multiple protocols, but all the usage of it here appears to be HTTP/HTTPS related. Its tag wiki also specifically mentions HTTP.

should be the canonical tag. It has the most usage and a decent tag wiki. The other two tags should redirect to it.

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