Define variable in try block C#

Not only was the question closed as a duplicate of something it is not, it has been downvoted pretty severely in a short time, and the comments have shown lots of misunderstanding of the question.

What should the question body and title have been?

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    The original question was reopened since you posted this meta-question.
    – yivi
    Oct 13 at 14:13
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    Note that "promoting useful discussion" isn't an aim on Stack Overflow. It's not a discussion site. That's why questions should be specific and clearly represent what you're trying to achieve - so that no back-and-forth is required to determine the actual problem to be solved.
    – Jon Skeet
    Oct 13 at 14:27
  • @JonSkeet thanks, that was a poor choice of words. I considered the comments as unuseful discussion, but I wouldn't have minded relevant comments, so I wrote "useful discussion" even though that's not what I actually meant. Oct 13 at 14:30
  • @mason it was instantly downvoted. A few minutes later I was then the first to upvote it and it sat at 0 votes for about an hour. Finally it has some other upvotes. Oct 13 at 15:15
  • @mason "saying it's been instantly downvoted isn't really accurate there either" just isn't true. Now I deleted the information about the answers from this question since I guess it's also irrelevant, have I correctly learnt from the mistakes I made about including irrelevant words? Oct 13 at 15:21
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    @theonlygusti Given that your own comments state that the answer is not a viable solution to your problem, why are you complaining about it having a downvote, or that it took a while to attract upvotes? Why did you upvote it given that your own comments state it isn't a usable solution?
    – Servy
    Oct 13 at 15:21
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    I am having a hard time figuring out what the question is actually asking for. The premise seems to be that you dislike the straightforward approach, so you prefer an alternative that doesn't work unless you write it in a way that you also dislike. While you seem to feel strongly about that dislike, it's not really clear what the practical criteria are that an answer has to satisfy. Oct 13 at 15:30
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    In the original version of the question, you complained about having to repeat a long generic type definition in two places. stackoverflow.com/q/30177671/11683, which your question was closed as a duplicate to, addresses specifically that. In the recent version, you shifted the focus to reusing a variable outside of the scope it was declared in. You know you cannot do that, there isn't really a point asking about it; but if you insist, then it should be closed a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/q/49350047/11683.
    – GSerg
    Oct 13 at 17:02
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    @theonlygusti You never did describe your aversion to the usual pattern. It's hard to provide you an answer if you have hidden requirements and don't want to utilize normal software development patterns. It pretty much sounds like you want the language to do something it doesn't, then you're taking it out on people when they don't understand what you mean and try to provide you a solution that meets your hidden criteria.
    – mason
    Oct 13 at 23:01
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    You still have not described your aversion to the usual pattern. And which is it - were they trying to provide solutions in the comments or were they not? You're saying that their proposals were irrelevant, without saying why. And you're being intentionally dismissive. I think you know deep down here that you're not being entirely reasonable in this exchange. Please take a moment to think about how you've presented your question, stop being condescending towards those trying to help you, and go forward with a better attitude.
    – mason
    Oct 14 at 0:38
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    @mason it's irrelevant because "why are you doing this?" is a meaningless question when I'm not doing it. "Why are you deserializing to that long generic" — I am not and the question did not have that as an example — "use a custom object so that you don't have to deserialize to that long generic" — thus irrelevant. Oct 14 at 0:46
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    @theonlygusti "Why are you doing this?" helps us understand what your actual concerns are, because you haven't expressed them in a clear way. Your question did show you deserializing to a long type, so when you mentioned not wanting to write that type multiple times, a logical person would conclude that your objection was writing the long type. You still have yet to describe what's wrong with the usual pattern. I see a habit where you're ignoring points you don't want to address. That's not good faith.
    – mason
    Oct 14 at 1:07
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    Your Meta question here asks how you could have written the question better, but I don't think anyone truly understands what problem you're actually trying to solve. It's very hard to give you any sort of helpful advice in such a scenario. I can give general advice: clearly describe what you're trying to accomplish and why the common patterns aren't working for you. And most importantly: treat people with respect.
    – mason
    Oct 14 at 1:10
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    I think some commenters got confused because they retrofitted the second example to the first. I can see that happening. "Yet to describe what's wrong with the usual pattern" — it is in the comments (chat now) on the question, and I will edit it in. I was indeed ignoring this, because I didn't want to edit a list of artificial and overthought requirements into my question that I'm not even sure of. I wanted to see what solutions existed and if I liked any. Oct 14 at 1:31
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    "to see what solutions existed and if I liked any." is basically combination of "too broad" and "opinion based" in one... That "answer that I like" criteria was present enough in the original question and I'm glad you explicitly spell it out for yourself now. Unfortunately I have no idea how to solve that for this code style question - the only way I think the question would have worked (and you'd not to change anything) if alternative syntax exists (like var in TryParse("aaa", var out x)) but there is none and all other alternatives had to be rated with like/dislike and not factual check Oct 14 at 4:37

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