I want to find advanced questions and answers by experts to learn from them. These questions/answers often get very few votes, probably because very few people understand them.

I just started using StackEye to follow users who I know are experts (e.g. core devs for a technology). However, there are other people who are experts, but it's harder to find them. Sorting by reputation isn't a great solution because I noticed some experts have low reputation because they only answer niche questions for whatever technology they're maintaining.

It should be possible to have something like PageRank to determine experts, assuming experts tend to interact with other experts. Are there any methods currently available to find users who are experts in a given technology?

Sidenote: I see a lot of bad answers that aren't wrong, e.g. slow SQL queries. If we're able to identify experts, then it can help identify authoritative answers.

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    Are you saying that some people sharing solutions here are not experts? How do you define who is and who isn't?
    – Dharman
    Oct 13 at 8:23
  • E.g. I'd go through all the questions/answers by users who are React core team members, they're definitely better questions/answers than the average users
    – Leo Jiang
    Oct 13 at 8:24
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    I suppose you'll also want to filter out people who are not experts in technology that you're interested in?
    – Cody Gray Mod
    Oct 13 at 8:35
  • I assumed it was a given that this is per technology/tag, it makes no sense to implement it any other way
    – Leo Jiang
    Oct 13 at 8:46
  • 6
    This is predicated on following individual users, which is not something the network is great at (intentionally); and on trying to divine "expertise level" from some vague metrics that admittedly cannot come from the site itself (since you posit reputation or tag score would not be useful)... I don't see this being useful. But weirdly enough, seems not altogether misaligned with the "Collectives" feature, where companies can identify "trusted" members (trusted by them, for whatever reason).
    – yivi
    Oct 13 at 8:47
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    The problem is, some users prefer to be anonymous even though they're the experts. It's impossible to know them.
    – Andrew T.
    Oct 13 at 8:48
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    @yivi I forgot Collectives exist, the "Recognized Member" feature seems to be what I'm looking for, except core devs should automatically be "Recognized Members". Obviously it would be a challenge for SO to figure out who the core devs are
    – Leo Jiang
    Oct 13 at 8:51
  • 5
    "It should be possible to have something like PageRank to determine experts, assuming experts tend to interact with other experts." In my experience, experts tend to interact with many users on the site. So, this seems like a flawed assumption to begin with. They'd look at, comment, and even answer questions from all skill levels.
    – VLAZ
    Oct 13 at 8:57
  • For every expert there is an equal and opposite expert. -- Thomas Sowell Oct 13 at 9:17
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    I acknowledge your problem, my interpretation being "between the vast sea of answer(er)s, no matter their score, how to identify the experts"? I'm not sure about the solution though, nor how that would be actionable by you. Would you like to be able to "follow" them? Then bookmark their profiles in your browser or something?
    – CodeCaster
    Oct 13 at 9:25
  • 1
    @CodeCaster it's possible to subscribe to an RSS feed of a particular user's actions. That includes questions, answers, and comments. Not sure if that's what OP means, though.
    – VLAZ
    Oct 13 at 9:56
  • I cannot support any extension that allows users to follow their activity. This also means I cannot support any feature that would allow the same thing Oct 13 at 11:58

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