Apparently since was synonymised to some users really missed having a generic tag to reference all of the technologies that Huawei produces.

But that synonym was triggered exactly because it wasn't a great tag to begin with (more discussion here).

looks like tries to do exactly the same thing that used to.

If should not exist then also shouldn't exist.

And even if makes sense, then I think the name is bad: it's not really about the developers, is it. If anything it's about the technology or the products or something like that.


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There is no application, platform, library, or technology called "Huawei Developers". Based on its tag wiki excerpt

Questions related to huawei-developers, for example: Safety Detect, AppGallery, Huawei AR, Huawei HiAi etc.

it is clearly just a reference to the landing page website, developer.huawei.com, which exists only to point users to one of two other websites, which focus on actual products (like Safety Detect, AppGallery, etc.) and should be disambiguated, cleaned up, and then burninated.


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