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We now have a tag, which has 8 questions. This should be removed for the same reason that was removed: this really isn't a programming topic, it's a platform. The fact that it's a Codewars problem tells me nothing about what the actual topic is.

Can we remove this?


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While I agree that it does not add much to a question, it actually does add something, because to answer those questions, you often have to understand the Codewars API

However, as Braiam pointed out in comments, it should then be instead. Some of them could possibly be retagged.

But I seriously doubt the value of any of them. Burn it.

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    If we need a tag for the codewars api, we create a codewars api tag, not a generic.
    – Braiam
    Commented Oct 12, 2021 at 13:04
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    There is currently only one question left with the codewars tag (the only one that is not going to Roomba soon, that is). I don't know if one question justifies a new tag. But anyway, the way I see it, this is one of those tags we will have a hard time getting rid of/moderate. Even with the proposed new tag, obviously users will just use it to their "problem from codewars" questions and in the worse case - it will just be recreated soon enough...
    – Tomerikoo
    Commented Oct 12, 2021 at 14:05

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