Is there any recourse to a user harassing me outside of the network, because he/she disagrees with me closing the question? I was called out for cyberbullying when all I did was leave a comment pointing out issues with the code and about async/await.

screenshot of the harassment email

The OP has consistently reverted edits from several others, including a moderator.

The OP also keeps reverting the edits meant to keep the question succinct and free of extraneous comments. The text that we have removed was as follows, which I felt wasn’t necessary:

Note: I am not looking for links as a response. No one is obligated to read or respond, but if you do, please respect that. If someone wants to be helpful and has the time to look through my specific code and offer insights, then I'd appreciate that person's response, but no links as responses, please. And please do not feel obligated to comment or reply unless you have the time to actually read my code and want to do so (and have the needed knowledge and skill). Thank you for understanding!

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    This may be better posted as a flag to moderators rather than on meta. They are best equipped to deal with this privately with the offending party. Oct 10, 2021 at 13:46
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    Thanks for the input. I have now submitted a flag as you have mentioned :)
    – Terry
    Oct 10, 2021 at 13:47
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    Report that user to the mentioned website, together with a link to their profile here, their email and with the full name when available. When they wants to be a bully, then they can be reported as such.
    – Tom
    Oct 10, 2021 at 13:51
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    The mail is absolutely unacceptable. But please, if you're ever again in the situation that a user rolls back things like that, flag for moderator attention. If you have to revert a rollback a second time, it's almost always better that a moderator helps (sends message to user or locks the post).
    – BDL
    Oct 10, 2021 at 13:51
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    @BDL also worth noting that two rollbacks from the same user will automatically trigger a mod flag Oct 10, 2021 at 13:53
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    Looks like a mod has noticed this meta post and locked the problematic post. Also, looks like the user doesn't understand how Stack Overflow works, you can move on from this issue. However and unfortunately, I don't think there's anything that SO can do for harassment emails outside of the network.
    – Andrew T.
    Oct 10, 2021 at 13:56
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    Thanks everybody for your input. I just really want to make sure that closing a question does not constitute as cyber bullying. You don’t really know what you’d get into out here.
    – Terry
    Oct 10, 2021 at 14:00
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    I also have to pedantically point out that should anyone ever say to you that "their" posts are "their" property, please refer them to reread what the CC-by-SA licensing implies. "Theirs" is only the first revision of the post. Oct 10, 2021 at 14:00
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    An additional note is that no, closure of a post certainly does not constitute cyber-bullying just as much as editing someone's post does not (by itself, of course, any mechanism can be abused). You used the official mechanisms provided by Stack Exchange. This is just the type that attempts to scare others by threat of legal action - I even recognize the email style (you can find a similar demeanor on YT when copyright holders try to scare content creators into submission). Oct 10, 2021 at 14:06
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    @OlegValter Pretty empty threat too, cyberbullying.org just points to how to report people on individual platforms (not even including SO), and is America based... while Terry isn't Oct 10, 2021 at 14:08
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    @Nick yeah, that's pretty much what these emails tend to amount to, after all - a toothless "I will report/reported you to <insert something scary-looking here>" that is explicitly designed to scare the recipient and bearing no legal credibility in reality. Oct 10, 2021 at 14:09
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    There really wasn't any need to go to and fro with rollbacks. De-escalation using polite comments or early moderator involvement after two to three rollbacks should've calmed the whole situation down. In any case, a off site threat is unacceptable as your actions/edits were still in line with SO guidelines.
    – TheMaster
    Oct 10, 2021 at 22:12
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    @TheMaster Just to clarify: the email was received after closing the question as duplicate, and the rollbacks happened the day after, when I tried to go back to the question to check if what I written crossed the line of harassment/bullying. That was when I realized OP reverted all edits to the question.
    – Terry
    Oct 11, 2021 at 9:31
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    @TheMaster I just felt that name calling wasn't justified, considering that she was the one who doxxed me and found my personal email (which will take considerable effort, but not impossible) and sent me that email. And yes, I could've stopped rolling back after awhile but I didn't know what was the right way to fix a user vandalizing his/her own posts all the time. Now I know that once more than two rollbacks were made, a flag will be raised: and I will simply let mods handle it. I have never stalked or harrassed her at any point: she started it herself, actually.
    – Terry
    Oct 11, 2021 at 12:52
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    @TheMaster For sure, it's a learning lesson for me too :) thanks for the information!
    – Terry
    Oct 11, 2021 at 13:04


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