I just received Issue #93 of The Overflow (Stack Overflow's newsletter). This is the same issue I received 7 days ago.

enter image description here

(my timezone is CEST = GMT+2)

Did this affect (all) other subscribers? Will there still be an Issue #94 this week?

For the record, this has happened to at least one user 9 months ago

Update The week is over, and I haven't received Issue #94. I don't know if issue #94 has just not been issued at this point, or whether just a handful of users have received a duplicate instead of the new one.

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    I got the duplicate too. I was reading through it and I was like 'all of this feels vaguely familiar for some reason??' and then checked my inbox and there was another #93 from last week.
    – ahiijny
    Oct 7, 2021 at 14:38


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