I have a feature request: let's have one character edits on a site devoted to coding!

The reason of this post is this awk-related question: How to add x number of leading spaces in a string using Bash?

And here we have this answer from @slitvinov which starts with the following words "Using awk".

I wouldn't change the answer too much except to add two characters, which corrects the code sample and makes it work.

The only thing needed to make this code sample work properly is to add two double quotes, the value of $x isn't passed correctly:

x=3; awk -v x=$x '{printf "%" x "s%s\n", "", $0}' file

The correction takes two double quote characters as you can see below:

x=3; awk -v x="$x" '{printf "%" x "s%s\n", "", $0}' file

But no, you can't do it! I do get the reason why the rule is there, but I still find it counter-productive, because this is a site related to coding. Even one character can make the difference between a working and a failing code sample.

  1. Yes, I've read about the 2k limit.
  2. Yes, I've read about correcting other things - I like the answer as it is.
  3. No, I don't want to cheat by adding some spaces or dots somewhere.

Please consider this.

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    Too bad that despite having enough reputation to be able to do so, you didn't choose to leave a comment pointing of this under that answer.
    – yivi
    Oct 6 at 8:06
  • The answer mentioned doesn't address the main topic of @Benoit Legat's question and neither does mine. It contains a positive suggestion how to circumvent the rule in a productive way, but I find this just a little better than suggesting to put some whitespace characters somewhere in your edit.
    – linux64kb
    Oct 6 at 8:08
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    Write your own correct answer. Oct 6 at 8:52
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    You do realise that people have to review all of these micro-edits? The edit review queue is already filled with lots of superficial edits; I don't think allowing even tinier edits would improve the site overall. If you feel the change is important, comment on the answer or create a new one. Oct 6 at 10:31
  • @jonrsharpe, thank you for the corrections. You managed to make this PC :)
    – linux64kb
    Oct 7 at 8:26
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    "...corrects the code sample and makes it work. The only thing needed to make this code sample work properly is to add two double quotes": Be careful with any change that is not copy editing, formatting, or removing meta information. Even if you had full edit privileges, it is better to always open with a comment (e.g., "I think A should be B because of C, D, and E.") and wait for a response within a reasonable time (a few days? A week?). Oct 7 at 13:41