I'm a developer at Agworld which is one of the main digital platforms for the agricultural industry. We have tens of API partners that write to our public API (documentation here).

We want to allow them to be able to post questions to a Stack Exchange platform publicly that we can answer for them so that other API developers can learn from their questions. What's the best way to achieve this?

My current thought is to create a new tag on Stack Overflow called , and recommending API partners to post questions there with that tag, and our internal teams (and other external devs) can subscribe to that tag to answer them. Is this appropriate, and the best way to achieve the outcome? Or is there a better or more appropriate alternative?

Aside: We already pay for a Stack Overflow for Teams account for Agworld internally which we love, although it doesn't seem like that could work for this purpose because (a) we don't want API partners seeing internal questions and (b) they would need to register separate private accounts with us (unscalable), rather than just using their existing public Stack Overflow accounts.



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