Related: Please synonymize [built-in-types] and [primitive-types] into [primitive] (from 2015) which also mentions the tag - the comments on the other question question whether or not should be included.

  • The tag has 773 questions and 10 watchers.

    Its excerpt says

    Built-in types in any programming language that are defined in an axiomatic way and cannot be divided into other types in the language.

  • The has 931 questions and 16 watchers.

    Its excerpt says

    A primitive type is a data type provided by a programming language as a basic building block.

    and is clearly also talking about the concept of primitive data types.

There's clearly no point having two tags that refer to the same concept - one should be a synonym of the other - I propose that be made a synonym of .

I can't suggest a synonym (in either direction) directly because I don't have a score of 5 or more on either tag.

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The tag has the same guidance but may not in practice be used the same way - a quick glance suggests most questions tagged are about primitive data types, but there are a few where the tag is misused. I don't mean to single out these examples specifically, they're just the ones that were easiest to find by searching:

The two tags should clearly be synonymised, but I'd argue that is the one that should stay, because it's less likely to be misused like in these examples.

Regarding , this is a separate concept because not all built-in types are primitive (e.g. String in Java). So it should stay as a separate tag, though no doubt there are many questions in that tag which would be better tagged as because a lot of askers won't be aware of the distinction.

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