I'm a community manager on https://community.intersystems.com/

Some time ago I asked a user in our site (https://community.intersystems.com/user/muhammad-waseem) to repost several questions here on SO, at the same time that the questions were posted over there. Which he did, using this account.

Two weeks ago Stack Overflow moderators deleted 31 of these questions.

Is cross-posting prohibited, or why were these questions deleted?

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    Depends on the exact posts, were they plagiarised? Did they reference the original appropriately? Were the posts on topic in the first place? Etc. Sep 1, 2021 at 5:39
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    "Questions were published in both places simultaneously, to expand the audience." - I cant think of any reason to do that other than urgent desperation, in which case, you should think about better planning in your day to day tasks so you don't need to ask in multiple places at the same time to maximise answer chance. Sep 1, 2021 at 5:44
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    "increase the presence of the technology on SO too and get the SO audience attention" - That sounds like spam. As yivi said, can you show us some example posts so we have a better idea exactly what happened? Sep 1, 2021 at 5:50
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    I consider it rude and abusive to conspire to have multiple sets of users wasting time on the same questions in parallel. Yes, that is somewhat inevitable, even when posting on one site, but such cross-posting, especially in bulk, says to me: 'I want answers ASAP and I don't care about anyone else's time, as long my own is not wasted'. Sep 1, 2021 at 5:56
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    Most of the posts on their intersystems profile suggests they asked dozens of non-programming or non-specific questions. This is a programming site expecting questions which will help future users, and those questions would be off topic Sep 1, 2021 at 5:57
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    It's not great, @Evgeny. But again, it depends on the details. It can be bad, it can be acceptable. Simply "repost all questions" is clearly a very bad strategy. Since we cannot see the actual questions, can't see if they posted answers here as well, if they were adequately on-topic, if they didn't look like spam, etc; we are simply left guessing.
    – yivi
    Sep 1, 2021 at 6:00
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    31 questions are a lot of questions and a user asking those questions for the same tag (and it seems they have only 1 question that is not deleted, again for this tag) belonging to your company would seem very suspicious, and might have gotten flagged by someone as "excessive promotion". Sep 1, 2021 at 6:06
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    From what we see, plenty of the questions in your forum would not be on-topic or appropriate on this site, which is not a forum. So "closing your site" just to drive the traffic to SO would not necessarily work great for your community.
    – yivi
    Sep 1, 2021 at 6:13
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    The thing is is, you are thinking of SO with a "community manager that wants to promote a product" mindset. That's not awesome, and it's very likely that will end up badly, because it goes at cross-purposes with what we want for the site. (Also, it's unlikely to work; you are putting the cart before the horses: things to not get better known because they exist on SO, obscure tags will remain obscure unless something else outside of SO make them less obscure).
    – yivi
    Sep 1, 2021 at 6:20
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    Since those questions are also on your forum, edit your question to add some links to the copies of the 30 deleted questions from there. Otherwise how can we comment on the suitability or not of the questions. Sep 1, 2021 at 6:31
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    You want blanket answers and we keep saying: it depends on the details.
    – yivi
    Sep 1, 2021 at 6:32
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    Which of those 44 posts were deleted? Let's not try to make us do all the work to identify them. However the first few seem very poor quality i.e. they are write my code for me questions that do not do well here. I can imagine they would be downvoted and roomba deleted without any moderator intervention at all. Sep 1, 2021 at 6:37
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    And most importantly the questions need to be high quality. None of the 40 or so questions you linked in your forum would seem to qualify on that front. Sep 1, 2021 at 6:54
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    Wouldn’t change the fact the questions would remain deleted. The user was likely deleted, I would argue asking 30+ extremely low quality questions, is enough reason to delete the user. Users have been suspended for asking less than 30 low quality questions Sep 1, 2021 at 12:19

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Let's go through some of the questions then...


We don't want fluff like Hi in questions. We're a Q&A site, not a chat.

Upon creating namespace I selected same database for both Globals and Routines. How can I separate both the databases. Please note that I already have data and code saved in database.

How did you create a namespace? This question seems to be lacking in the details required for us to recreate it. Is this a programming question at all or some question about general user facing software e.g. a GUI that doesn't involve programming and is off-topic here.


See the Hi problem above.

Let's try another (this one is similar to many others) ...


Oh dear, they all start and end like this.

How to write code in table trigger to send SMS upon any modification on particular column?

OK, where are you stuck? What code have you written so far? Can you write a trigger but not send SMS? Can you send SMS outside of a table trigger? This seems to be a write my code question, constructed for the purpose of documenting some system. Your system needs better documentation about triggers and SMS I guess.


These kind of questions would likely be downvoted and closed as lacking in details, it's unlikely therefore they would be answered, and once downvoted there's a Roomba process that deletes such questions all without moderator intervention at all.

Your other problem may be that if one account is asking all the questions and you are answering them all then that other user is looking and acting like your sock puppet, particularly if he's upvoting all your answers. We don't allow voting targetted at users so that will get the both of you in trouble.

  • I agree that the quality of the questions and the quality of our platform'ss documentation have room for enhancement. And this relates to the majority of systems and people's skills. But I think this was not the reason for the deletion, right? Sep 1, 2021 at 6:53
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    I'm telling you exactly the opposite, that it was the reason for deletion. Poor quality questions should and will be deleted. Sep 1, 2021 at 6:55
  • Got you, @RobertLongson. Fair enough. I hope the reason for the deletion was delivered to the author. Sep 1, 2021 at 6:59
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    @AlexeiLevenkov probably got caught as a potential voting ring instead, if the participants of this tag were quite few and upvoting each other...
    – Andrew T.
    Sep 1, 2021 at 7:18
  • @AndrewT., I did upvote the questions and answers within the tag that I consider meaningful. Apologies if it is not appropriate activity. Sep 1, 2021 at 7:30
  • @RobertLongson, about Sockpuppet - that could be the case but it didn't. The issue with Muhammad's questions on the SO was that almost nobody answered it and it stayed orphaned. I tried to answer those that I had a knowledge of by myself. Yes, I'm the developer too besides community manager. So it didn't. You can check, I answered maybe ten out of 30 somehow. Not all of them were considered as accepted answers. Sep 1, 2021 at 19:38

Is cross-posting prohibited, or why were these questions deleted?

We sent you a mod message on Aug 26 that explained that we deleted your coworker's account because it was acting like a sockpuppet: he posted questions, you posted answers and then you shared votes between the accounts. All of that is covered by our sockpuppet rules.

"Voting" includes:

  • voting on posts from your main account with your alternate account(s) and vice versa.
  • accepting the other account's answer on your post.

That it was a coworker is irrelevant. The actions were inappropriate (we consider that voting fraud) and we told you as such.

The offending accounts will be removed and the votes invalidated.

You seemed to understand that in your response

Ah. I see what's going on now. You've deleted all the questions from Muhammad Waseem. Muhammad is a real person, the developer from our partner in the Middle East. here is Muhammad's profile on the InterSystems Developer Community.
I asked InterSystems developers to contribute to Stackoverflow in a way to raise questions on our Developer Forum and on Stackoverflow both. And he was answered on our forum by different developers, but on StackOverflow, it was me in the majority of cases who answered him when I knew the answer.
And as for the case of Muhammad Waseem's account, this is not a sockpuppets case at all, but the case of the same questions on both forums.

A moderator responded to your concerns. Everything else Robert Longson said about quality holds as well. None of the questions met SO quality standards. You're not the only person to run afoul of this, but it's important that if you're going to do this in the future that

  1. Have the same account post both the question and the answer (there's a checkbox to do that in the ask page) and do not have coworkers upvote it. Coworker voting will show up eventually and we will reverse the votes and/or delete the account as a sockpuppet

  2. The questions need to be far more than just simple forum questions. It's worth reading this post about the Q&A format differences. In particular

    We want clear focused questions: if we don't allow 2 pages of back-and-forth discussion to draw out the scenario, it better be in the question or everyone's just gonna have to guess.

  3. Your questions really need a minimal reproducible example. Overly simplistic "How do I do this?" questions have a place, but the community prefers a concrete example to work with. Asking a lot of them over and over is likely to get you flagged as well.

  • >We sent you a mod message on Aug 26 that explained that we deleted your coworker's account because it was acting like a sockpuppet: he posted questions, you posted answers, and then you shared votes between the accounts. All of that is covered by our sockpuppet rules. he is not my coworker. He is just a member of a community. I don't know him in person and he is very new to InterSystems Community too. Sep 1, 2021 at 19:21
  • Moderator never told about the quality. If this is the reason to delete questions could you please deliver that to the deleted member? Sep 1, 2021 at 19:25
  • As you can see there is no sockpuppet case here. Sep 1, 2021 at 19:26
  • I just want to be sure that you guys don't delete the user and ALL his posts for one reason. And once it is not the case you get another reason for the "bad quality" expanded to all the posts of the user. Anyway, I'm grateful for the time you spent on this and the explanations you did. Thank you! Sep 1, 2021 at 19:32
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    The problem with socks is we get the whole "That's a different person" story a lot. Maybe they are a different person, but if they're doing a lot of sock voting, we err on the side of them being a sock (voting isn't the only thing we look at, but it's a big one). And you hadn't shared just a few votes either. I should note that he's re-created his account (that's the one you linked to) and he is able to post (his single question was poor quality so it's been closed and deleted).
    – Machavity Mod
    Sep 1, 2021 at 19:38
  • As a community manager, a agree. We fight this issue in our community too - we have the problem with votes and fake accounts. But the scale is not comparable of course. Sep 1, 2021 at 19:41
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    In some ways, this spares him the headache of a question ban (which mods can't do anything about). The original questions are not salvageable. I get that it seems heavy-handed, but we do actively try to let folks know about community standards before they post anything.
    – Machavity Mod
    Sep 1, 2021 at 19:43
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    I see. Anyway, thanks to all - I got the answer for my question: Cross-posting is not welcomed but allowed if the quality of questions is high, the author is the same, there are no socks, and cross-posting is properly mentioned. Sep 1, 2021 at 19:48

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