The tag is presently linked to Event-driven_architecture but is also known as Exploratory data analysis. People use the second meaning when they tag their posts, too. Examples:

  1. How can I change the caption for the Heatmap as the method takes no arguments?
  2. invalid start byte error when showing datasets

Would it be possible to create another tag like or that can be used for the second meaning exclusively?

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    I have nothing to add to the actual question here, the existing answer is great. But I did chuckle that before I realized this was regarding the main Stack Overflow, my first thought was neither of those, but rather electronic design automation. And indeed, there is a different eda tag for just that over on the Electrical Engineering StackExchange, where it belongs. Too many acronyms! :) Sep 3, 2021 at 1:58

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We already have .

I think all we need to do is create , and retag questions.


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