I am wondering how to find questions where people really need help?

I mean that these should most like be questions which don't have answers yet, not closed, created recently (not already forgotten by the authors), and not accepted as solved.

I tried the following request:

isaccepted:no answers: 0 created: 3d closed: no

but as the second line got the response: How is a 3d perlin noise function used to generate terrain? which have answers and one of them is already accepted.


  1. What I did wrong and how to improve the search query?
  2. Is there a way to find questions without comments? (Since I suppose that they most challenging and people need help there most).

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  1. You need to remove the space after the operators. For example: answers: 0 should be answers:0.
  2. You should remove isaccepted:no - it only applies to answers and you only want questions.
  3. Add is:question or is:q to filter to only questions.

This gives you the query answers:0 created:3d closed:no is:question link to results.

There is no way to filter to questions without comments. Not in search.

You can use SEDE to find questions without comments but the data is only synchronised once a week on Sunday. So, you will not get recent questions unless you use a query on Monday/Tuesday and even then you will not get their latest state, so it is not a very viable option.


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