The tag’s description starts with “QUESTIONS ABOUT LICENSING ARE OFF-TOPIC. You may ask questions about open source licensing on https://opensource.stackexchange.com.” which is right, but “open source” is all about licencing.

The existence of this tag looks like an invitation to post off-topic questions. The description continues with “This tag is for asking about writing programs that interact with open source software.” but it’s not clear how it matters to a programming question whether the software the questioner is interacting with is “open source” or not.

Indeed when I looked through questions tagged with (skipping the off-topic ones), I didn’t find any example of a question where this tag helped categorizing the question. When “xyz” is an open-source software, we could add to every question tagged with which obviously would not add any value. On the other hand, I can’t imagine a scenario where one question is more specific to than another one (unless it’s an off-topic licensing question).

Note further, there is no tag which supports that the license is irrelevant. Or any question not tagged with is considered to be about , which would imply that millions of question are wrongly tagged.

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    Title suggestion: [open-source], closed arms Aug 16 at 14:37
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    Revoke [open-source] license
    – yivi
    Aug 16 at 15:07
  • [open-source]: the Cathedral and the Bizarre? Aug 16 at 18:02

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